A Wizard's Life -- Beta Testers needed


I preffer in 3 but I don’t mind


@Lucid I would prefer seeing them all in one; 2 clicks is easier than 9 if you want to see all of your stats!


I prefer 3 separate too. The new Choicescript (not being run on the Beta at this moment), will allow me to set up moving between them with a convenient Back to Game button. My question is still valid, 3 pages or 1 big page, although it makes the 3 separate more appealing. :slight_smile:


Just try it both ways and let people vote.


hey Lucid just wondring is this game coming out some time in january most likely late january?


im trying to figure out if its this game or part 2 of choice of vampire thats coming out this month either way in gonna buy both :stuck_out_tongue:


How much?


I vote all one page.


The new stats page is now up and running. Notice the Return to Game button up top. It’s a lot less clicks. I tend toward this for the mobile users, a long stat page can be frustrating.

As for release date and price, nothing has been decided.

And thanks again to all of you. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate it.


Updated. I think we’re close now. New beta testers still welcome. Please find me any last errors and make any last suggestions. Thanks!


Can I just ask, how do you become an angel and then fall from grace?

Also, how do you become a Druid? I’ve tried so hard to get neutral alignment but I just can’t manage it.


And another thing, how do you get the scene where you create an army to conquer all the lands. I’ve only gotten it once and my army wasn’t strong enough, then on my next play through I had 100 on all magical abilities but didn’t get the scene.


All of these options work. I’m going to avoid tutorials and how-to’s, at this time. The Fall from Grace option will be easier after the next upload to Beta since I’ve included some more evil options. (not currently uploaded)


Thank you.


Would have been nice if there were more options with romance but besides that its great, i finaly took over the world after ten tries lol.


@Lucid - if it’s still open I’ll apply now.


I liked how the skill you need to do choices was given


Typing in my thoughts on the game right now, on Email.


Finally done with the comments, finally!


how long is the wait normaly?