Choice of the Deathless -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED


You should send feedback directly to the author: max DOT gladstone AT gmail

and cc me on the email.

Also, we’re trying to get this game out before the Christmas shutdown of iTunes, which means we need to get the beta phase over and done with ASAP. So, if you sign up, please plan to make time to play and critique in the next few days.




Could I reccomend a suggestion? When asking for beta testers it might be a good idea to have a description of the story because it would help people decide if they want to beta test that particular game or not. I’m sure the authors would prefer someone interested in the story to beta test because some testers might prefer different genres. Its just a suggestion though, there might be a reason why you don’t include any information :slight_smile:


If it turns out to be a game you’re not interested in testing you can just drop them a note to let them know. There’s been a couple of games I’ve not been able to test for one reason or another. I do agree that it would be nice to at least have a genre, if not a one line blurb. I’ve also tested games in genres I have no interest in. I generally say in my email that it is a genre I’m not interested in, so they can take that into consideration when reading my feedback.