Will there be more to Wizardry Level C?

I realey like this game and found it ingajing and qwhight creative.


I’m with you i enjoyed the game quite a bit as well.

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It had a great flow and had great openings to countinue.

@Marcus_Skerratt and @817819
Thank you guys! I’m really glad you liked it. (And your nice comments really made my day :slight_smile: )

At the moment there’s no definite plans to continue Wizardry. I did have a few ideas for another book in the same series (for one of the ideas I had set after one of the paths, which would lead into a conflict between Myranda/wizard guild/dragons, I made up a very short draft WIP which can be found here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/88f96qudw2wsfwy/Earth%20Gate(2).html?dl=0 ) but as a lot of the reviews I received were fairly negative for Wizardry, I put the WIP on hold, (possibly definitely) as I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in a sequel. Sorry about that.

I like the idea of continuing from the dragon ending. Changing the premise of something to explore a new idea is something not a lot of writers here do; most of them, write good story games, but the games tend to use the same structure with a lot of choices being meaningless in the end and only really a handful of endings . I liked how wizardry deviated from this

I’m still try to get the apropreat ending. but, I like the idea too. Though
having a licenes B and A would also be good. As catching thougs gus who wer
potching the spider people seem also importend. I suport your future

I like it. Please do more.

@817819and @Marcus_Skerratt
Thank you both for the support :relaxed:
I’m currently working on getting Draconic Challenges finished but may well revisit the Wizardry series at a later date. I’ve got some ideas on how I could improve it hopefully if I made any follow up books in the same universe at the first, or as a sequel.

@817819 Thank you! I think some authors are making games without a large amount of branching as I got a lot of complaints about Wizardry’s length even though it was over 100,000 words in total. (It had more branching but less words per average per storyline compared to many HG’s). I think from the comments I received, some readers may only play a game through once or twice and miss a lot of content or post a review after their first read though, so I’m guessing from an author’s point of view, it’s generally safer to make books more railroaded/less branching but have the length of the storyline longer per play through to get higher ratings on the app stores.

They’re also great ideas @Marcus_Skerratt :slight_smile: Was originally debating whether to got off along the Myranda/Wizard Guild conflict path or whether to build on the different licences. Including the poachers could work well with that. Thanks!


Branching with tie in’s is agood idea to for exampeal if you go through the
run where Myranda says the death spireats name, actualey menchening it in
your follow up could lead to somthing. For the recored, your, WIP was
great, if a bit short. Love interestes and reocering things are great for
creating investment in the wourld. Branching is not a bad thing. One thing
i may have added, though you could add this to your outher projects tois
that the beater you do at a task the more streetcread you get or, lf your
sutel at apropreat times you become stronger by the lodgice that a madges
strangth comes from studey and life exspeareance. Where as some one who
Learns a lot of spells could do a large working but not have the hutspa to
defend for a bit after or some verryent of that :slight_smile: just a thought. O?
Thank you for lisenning to what we have to say, It meanse a lot.

For the record Unnatural was approximately 250,000 words and I had reviews saying it was short each playthrough was roughly between 60k-90k words. A lot of choicescript games get reviews about length I think the issue is down to a lot of our games are written to be played multiple times whereas a lot of the people only want to play it once so miss out on a lot of content.


@Marcus_Skerratt Thanks for all the good ideas, I’ll definitely keep them in mind. You’re right, one of the things I think would help is either some stronger friendships or love interests especially :slight_smile:
(Glad you liked it, I know the WIP is very, very short, I was just sketching out some possible ideas)

@Nocturnal_Stillness I know you’ve told me that before :astonished: . I still can’t believe you were getting “too short” reviews for a 90k word playthrough (It makes it not at all surprising that I got a lot more of that sort of complaint since my playthroughs and overall word count were quite a bit less than that).


I just wanted to thank evereyone for there interest in my post. It’s the
first I’ve started😀 You all rock.

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I enjoyed the game. My only problem is that it was to short. Wanted more.

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Thanks @Dylan_Gauthier, glad you like it! :slight_smile:
Yep a lot of people agree it was too short. I either needed less branching or should have had about a 3x longer word count to increase the individual words per story.

I personally just felt it didn’t feel complete. You spent the whole game trying to become a wizard now that you’veven finally become one what’s next? There’should definitely room for more if you choose to make more