Which game do you like more? Ensign Redshirt, Tales of the deep, dragon based sequel to Wizardry Level C

*Disclaimer, this is probably a way in the works as I need to get Wizardry Level C fit for release first (Currently at full draft stage).

Anyway I’ve got 3 separate ideas for my next project, wondering what people think of them. (Hopefully they’ll all get written sooner or later, it’s just when).

  1. Tales of the Deep WIP Tales of the Deep
    My long standing on again off again book over the last few years. A bermuda triangle like story with many branches in the story. Already partially written (maybe half way?) I’m leaning towards thinking maybe I should just get what’s written coded and finish it off.

  2. Ensign Redshirt.
    Just a typical take off piece of how redshirts (especially ones that are not well known tend to end up deceased.) Obviously would need to be made a bit more generic to avoid copywriting issues but I think it could be done.
    Something along the lines of:
    Will you survive long enough to climb the heirachy to relative safety of lieutenant, earn a change in shirt colour or just get your superiors to remember your name?

  3. Dragon based sequel to Wizardry- can’t say much about it without giving away the story line so it’s a bit vague. General interest in playing a dragon character with loyalties on both sides of a war?


Did someone mention dragons? :dragon:

My fondness of dragons aside I’d say go for ‘Tales of the Deep’ first. Unless you’re planning on dropping it altogether (which I figure isn’t the case here) you’d better just get it over with so that it won’t keep nagging you and distracting you while doing other stuff. And besides, it sounds interesting (I’ve probably read it already sometime in the past, but I’d better check it out again just in case).


Thanks @Cecilia_Rosewood. I think you’re probably right. As tempting as it is to launch into a whole new project, that other one’s been sitting on the side lines for way too long. Hopefully with the coding I’ve learn with Wizard will let me get it coded quicker this time. (It’s part of what had been stopping me, pages and pages of storyline that needs fixing).

Maybe dragons next lol

Dragons 100% every time all the time

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Always dragons.
My best friend is a dragon. :dragon_face:

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I’d go for Tales of the Deep. I agree with @Cecilia_Rosewood. Finish what you started.

Also… changed the title for your thread. “Which game do you think?” could be somewhat confusing so i changed it to “Which game do you like more?”. although if you want, you can change it back, just though that it may be seen as a confusing title.

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Finish Tales of the Deep for the reasons already explained above.
Then make Ensign Redshirt.

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Thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile: Probably right, finish the one that’s already half written first before moving onto another project, tempting as it is, it’ll probably end up with 2 unfinished ones taking ages to finish rather than 1 done game.

I’ll think about the other two as a future project, haven’t started either apart from outlines.


Something to consider is that if you’re working on two WIP’s at once and grow bored working on one you’ll have the other to switch to which may help keep your mind fresh.

Also dragons are cool.

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Working on 2 WIPs at the same time… You would be digging your own grave!

I can barely keep track of everything while working on a single WIP, but that is just me, you might be able to do it.

Yeah, dragons are awesome :dragon:
You should totally finish Tales of the Deep first before trying anything foolish though :grimacing:

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Doing 2 or more WIPs at once usually means death for both/all of them.

I’d do Tales of the Deep first (finish what you started), then Dragons, then Redshirt.

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Dragons 100% but I’d recommend finising a project first

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