New Hosted Game! “Wizardry Level C” by Jac Colvin


There’s a new game in our Hosted Games program ready for you to play!

The discovery of an old magic book turns your life upside down. Will you succeed in becoming a guild wizard? Or instead travel a different path, striking out on your own, moving to a different plane of existence or perhaps not even remaining human?

Wizardry Level C is a 100,000-word interactive novel by Jac Colvin, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Jac developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and we’ll publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


Hi everyone :smiley: . This is my first published game here, so any discussion or feedback including on constructive criticism, bugs or errors (I hope there’s not many of the last two!) are definitely welcome. There might be a sequel at some stage if there’s enough interest (I’ve got a small section of it written down already), so would love to know what people either liked, or thought needed improvement in this one.

Just thought I should give everyone a head up in advance, there’s no RO’s in this book. (Hopefully I’ve made up for it in other ways). This game branches a lot, so there’s quite a few endings you can get through to. Just judging from the initial reviews, I’m thinking that the branching might make an individual play through seem shorter, but I was hoping for some replayability with this game. (It’s actually about 100,000 words all up.) There’s a hints section in the stats page you can check out to help out if you need it to find some of the branches as well as a limited save/checkpoint ability to go back a few choices to at endings to try another path if you want to.

Thank you to everyone who gives it a read, hope you enjoy it!



Your first game is finally out!! Well done!! I’m off to go and buy it! :smile:


Thanks Felicity! :smiley:


Congratulations! I just saw the announcement in my inbox and thought I’d hop online to wish you well. I’m off to go replay now :slightly_smiling:


Alright let me go ahead and say after my first i really enjoyed this and want to replay it till i get all the achievements. I would definitely like to see a sequel at least of the graduation ending i really respect what you did and how you don’t feel railroaded in this story game, that being said i left slightly unfulfilled and would really like to see what comes next for the character.


Thanks @Silverstone and @817819 :slight_smile:
I do get what you mean @817819, that particular track I found difficult to put an end point to because it is a bit of an open ended story. If I went any further forward I felt like it was going to turn into a whole extra book, which is why I chose to end it there but yep I can see why that might make it feel like there should be more. I hope you like the other storylines :smile:


Please don’t take any of the criticism as i didn’t enjoy my playthrough because i very much did. However I have to ask. What is level c? And what are the other levels?


Congratulations on getting first game out Jacic!!! :slightly_smiling:


No not offended at all, I’d rather people be honest and let me know what they thought so hopefully I can improve. I’m glad you liked it though :slight_smile: Yes it’s a ranking system of 3 levels, A to C (C being the lowest ranking, A being high level magic users, often in advisory or council roles like Merlinus).

Thanks @adrao!

(Edit: Actually just given a review I saw on itunes, (nothing to do with what you said 817819 :slight_smile: ) just thought I’d elaborate about sequels and endings for anyone who sees it, as I realise my above comment about a possible sequel may make out that I’ve deliberately done it as a “cliff hanger sequel bait” which is not actually the case (or at least not deliberately anyway if it’s being seen that way). There’s actually not a definite plan for a sequel only a possibility if it looked like people wanted one (or I wrote it just as a side line for myself at some point) at this stage and it would most likely actually launch from a different ending to the one I think is being referenced in the review. :slight_smile: ) Even if I didn’t finish it, I’d probably just release what I’d written so far as a bit of an epilogue on the forums.


Well I downloaded the app in Google play and give you the five starts yesterday. But I don’t know if I should buy the app or not. Demo version wasn’t clear enough to know if I would enjoy the game. Hey, it’s frankly better than the mermaid one ,lol. I won’t buy that one never. But the demo felt like a generic stuff where you can’t control your character, personality and how she behave. You are telling me how I feel like each five seconds. The writing intro about the library is amazing, I get the never ending story vibe there. But the stats don’t make me think i could enjoying this game. No evil no charming choices … Not for me


No problems, thanks for the feedback @poison_mara :slightly_smiling:


Hi all, I’ve noticed that I’m getting a lot of reviews that are stating that this book is very short, linear, only the choices at the begining matter and your specialty doesn’t affect anything.

There are actually at least 19 different endings from memory, which is why it seems short (it’s actually not linear, it branches quite a bit which is where the 100,000 word count is coming from). Your choices throughout the book do actually matter, and some of the branches peel off or affect options in the mid to end sections of the book. The specialites do affect options/outcomes in 3 separate places in the book as well.

If anyone has bought this and is having trouble finding the branches and is feeling dissatisfied that it seems short or linear or any other questions for that matter, please let me know, I’d be happy to try and help :slight_smile:

Just as some examples apart from the core story line which I think most people will probably get on the first play though branch wise. (Don’t read if you want to find them yourself and there are a couple more smaller ones I haven’t included).

There are a few story lines that split off from your encounter with Myranda. It splits into about 3 paths with some more splits from there).

There’s a character called Garmr you can encounter if no longer in the guild. (Story line splits into 3 from memory here)

There’s another split depending how you interact with a fairy when no longer in the guild. (Splits into 2).


Hey guys, at this point not sure there’s going to be enough interest for a sequel-ish book to follow up from Wizardry Level C (Although that might change since it’s only been out a few days so I’ll keep you posted). However in the advent it doesn’t happen, just thought I’d post the first section I had written out for anyone interested. It’s very short and incomplete, just a follow up on some events about 10 years after the setting of the original book.

Just a word of warning for anyone who is planning on reading Wizardry (Or if you haven’t gotten to the “join a clan” achievement/aka one of the dragon endings), there’s some fairly major spoilers in here starting right after the first page, so you may want to read it first :slight_smile:

Edit- Ok working link


Hey the thing you gotta understand is a lot of people will say that about any game. People who are not necessarily on this site but just seem to troll everything that is published, and this is just from what i have observed but first time hosted game authors tend to take a bit to gain traction. I’d give it a month or two to judge rather or not a sequel is called for.


It was a fun game don’t be discouraged by a few days wait a month then roll it over in your sleep


No probs, thanks guys, not making any final decisions about it today, will give it a few weeks and see what happens :slight_smile:
I think one of it’s problems is that it branches a lot (rather than always branching then returning to the main plot line), so that’s really annoying people who only play it through once or twice as it’s going to seem short for it’s overall word length. But yeah, feedback so far hasn’t been stellar overall so I’ll wait and see.