Choice of the petal throne questions (SPOILERS)

So i recently purchased the game on steam and ive been playing through. I thought it was really fun, although in my opinion I thought the foreign words were a tad overused.

I was, however, left quite confused at a [SPOILER] certain part when you embark into the lost city. What actually happens in there? I somehow ended up killing my second in command, a demon, my lover and yet the only person i tried to duel was Nirun. When i killed the demon (Did i kill it?) my wife picked me up and called me stupid (How the hell did she get there? ) What was going on here? I got the artifact and became a hero, despite killing off half my team. Sorry if this was extremely obviously but i didnt understand it.

Thank you in advance!

you got mind-controlled into a hallucinogenic state of murder.
my character was a psionic and could figure it out.

There’s a way Nirnun can save you but I’m not sure what choices trigger it.

But why were we down there in the first place? and who was the demon i spoke to at the end who told me the meaning of life or whatever?

@Stanlee_Kelly Dan’s asking on the other thread

Can I suggest that you post over there detailing everything that you found confusing.

Can you please not post the same question to two threads. If no one has answered yet be patient. The answer is we don’t know.

@Stanlee_Kelly I shed light on some of this on the other thread, but if you post there requesting specific answers I’ll reply later today. I want to keep all my replies to one thread to avoid redundancy, if that’s ok. Your wife showing up is definitely a bug, and I noted it down. I’ll fix it in the next patch.

Hey i need help, should i kill the demon that murmuring some prayer or something in lost city?

Try it and see!