Choice of Romance for Kindle?

I’ve read Choice of Dragon, Choice of Broadsides and Choice of Vampire on the Kindle. Thanks to the folks at Choice of Games who made those products possible.

I’d love to see Choice of Romance available for the Kindle. Is that something that might be possible in the future? I have no idea how much effort it takes to port over your products to the Kindle. Also, I’m sure this is the sort of request that is best when placed in the comment field of a large donation .

In any case, thanks again for the great products. Lots of fun to read.

Yes, Choice of Romance 1 and 2 will be released together on Kindle shortly.

Wait CoV is available for the kindle got to get it. I have both CoD and CoB for it already.

Is there anything available for the nook? I understand it isn’t Amazon, but nook users really miss out…


If you are using the imposter, the nook, I pity you.

jasonstevanhill, in choice of romance the character could either be a mistress, a mistress that is married or a queen. Is there different paths for some of those endings in part 2 or is it pretty linear, but a with different options to choose from?

@Victoriya You can continue in part two with several of the part 1 endings.

Thank you! It’s sounds like there is going to be a lot of stuff in it. Can’t wait! Do you know if it’s going to be released this year?

Hopefully within the next week or two. We’re as anxious as you are to release it.

Rejoice…ment…type thing!

Quick prodding question, not meant to try and squeeze out spoilers but genuinely curious- Is the new game going to focus on the relationship you already semi-solidified in the first game, or will there still be choices for the more…promiscuous?

@querida While we want to expand to many other platforms, we have very few technological resources, and have to prioritize. Unfortunately, Symbian is down the list a ways.

So, Romance I+II is out on Kindle today, as “Affairs of the Court”.

We’ll be rolling it out to the other platforms as soon as we can get a few more of the technical kinks worked out with the whole password thing.

You are so evil. It’s so close yet so far from my reach.

Not yet, no.

Thanks a lot. Just grabbed it on Kindle, looking forward to reading it soon!

No android! !!?

Ughh I’m so disappointed that I still have to wait…I dnt mind buyin it from the droid market and I still of to wait


When is it out for the app store?

Gha! I guess having the right system is all that matters sometimes :p. Can’t wait until you put it out everywhere else. Geez, and now I’m all hyped up for it, why did you have to go and do that :p.