Why are there no releases for kindle?

ok so I love the games from here I own most of them for my amazon kindle. I have been looking for weeks for some of the new ones like choice of the ninja and slammed to name the ones I have seen announced on the main page so far but neither have been released for kindle and its more than a little annoying because I would like to be able to keep up with affairs of court and choice of the vampire when they come out. the problem is I am worried that they wont and I wont be able to play them, if it meant a price hike to see all the titles on kindle id pay it. now if they simply haven’t been converted over yet fine but since they keep appearing on the amazon android app store its troubling.

I feel your pain. From what I can tell, CoG is now only releasing its games for Amazon Fire. You can no longer buy them for older Kindles like mine. It’s a shame because after trying the demo for Slammed I wanted to buy it, but could not. This essentially marks the end of me purchasing CoG games.

It may have something to do with http://www.geekwire.com/2013/amazon-winding-app-developer-program-kindle-eink-readers/

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well im glad someone else is seeing it but based on the above comment thanks feather :slight_smile: it seems like maybe it isn’t cog’s fault it might be amazons. in which case I must say amazon needs to get off its bum and help us and them out, the buncha bums!

I agree it doesn’t seem to be CoG’s fault. Regardless, those of us who bought CoG games for older Kindles will be doubly screwed in the future even if we do acquire other platforms to play their games on.

For example, I purchased Heroes Rise for my older Kindle. I was enthusiastically looking forward to its sequel, but even if I bought it for Chrome, Android, or whatever, my saved games from the first game won’t likely be transferable from my Kindle. By the looks of it, my only alternative would be to purchase Heroes Rise a second time for the newer platform and replay it.

Nope. Will never happen.

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well I wonder how much business this actually impacts though it cant be much if cog isn’t hassling amazon about a loss of market share. I just don’t think it should be a big deal to continue supporting the old kindles since paper is newer and just as bare bones as kindle classic

I believe that we are under an NDA. All I can say is that we have submitted SLAMMED for review.

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oh I am not talking about getting game info. so I appreciate that an NDA is fairly binding on that and probably most of the other info, what I guess we are asking is will you guys try and give the new titles to the older kindle users or are we, going to need the new platforms to use them. of course if by under review you mean your already giving amazon flak about this then ok cool.

@Tarix Amazon likely had them in a NDA in regards to the details of publishing. Choice of Games did say, previously, that the eink kindle was a substantial chunk of their sales so to lose it can’t be good for them.

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I agree. Mr. Jason I would like to know when The fall of Memphis comes to kindle as well as Affairs part III, as well as Wizards Choice vol 6!!! My name IS Narissalover.

I just purchased an Amazon Paperwhite Kindle when my old one died. Two of my other, non-COG games weren’t able to be transferred to my new Kindle due to formatting issues. Now I’m reading that I can’t purchase the new versions of the games on my brand-freaking-new Kindle device?! WTF?! So my money is just completely wasted on the old games without hope of getting the new expansions. Thank you so much, Amazon, for making that crystal clear when I spoke to you on the phone about which Kindle device to purchase.

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@Hildigard Send Amazon an email, or phone them up letting them know about your displeasure. Also ask them what’s going on. Since I’m not American, I could never get the games on my kindle and had to resort to using the chromestore and just playing on my pc.

I’m waiting until October, when the new paperwhites are released, in order to get a new kindle. I was actually mad when I discovered that there’s a new model being released, since I specifically asked at the store and was told no, no, there’s no new kindle coming out. I went home, checked, and sure enough there is a new version of the paperwhite out in October.

The new kindle costs almost as much as full tablets, and unless you’re an American, and thus have cases to the amazon App Store, I don’t really see the appeal of it. I have read ebook on pretty much every app out there, and most of them are just as good as the kindle. Heck, I have the kindle app on my ipad mini, and I find it’s even more comfortable reading than my kindle fire was.
Then again, I suppose if you have a large laptop, you might want a small tablet just for reading? Since no matter who many shelves you have, there’s never enough room for all those books.

I think it might be a good idea to add the kindle-and-CoG situation to one of the sticky thread, since every day there’s a new thread/post about someone asking when is game x coming to kindle.

I find it difficult reading on my computer screen. I had a Kindle Keyboard which I absoltely loved, however it broke. I had a warranty on it which meant I could get it replaced, but they no longer make Kindle Keyboards. The store was trying to get me to upgrade to a tablet, but I was worried about the backlight hurting my eyes. I really, really didn’t want a Kindle Paperwhite but that was the only Amazon device at the same price as my Keyboard. Taking any other would require me to either pay more money, or accept a loss of £50. So Paperwhite it shall be.

The trouble is the Kindle situation isn’t open knowledge. Amazon denies it. A lot of the developers are under nondisclosure agreements too so they can’t speak about it. So stickying something that they have a NDA over would be bad form.

What, still? How long does Amazon plan to string everyone along? What on Earth do they stand to gain from all this, other than a host of displeased customers who feel cheated?

Also, do Amazon reps prowl this forum? A scary though.

You could send them an email and ask.

Not exactly answering my question but okkkkk…

I have the Paperwhite, and it cost more than my original Kindle when Kindle first came out. That I have no way to purchase the new COG games is incredibly frustrating. And I know NDAs are legal and binding, but it would be nice if Amazon would let us know exactly what content we can or cannot get when purchasing a new device from them. If this sort of thing continues to happen with Amazon, my next e-reading device will be a Nook.

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@Hildigrad I know I keep repeating this but send Amazon an email and ask them. While Choice of Games likely can’t discuss this, Amazon should be able to. I agree it is frustrating that they’ve closed off the ability to play games. I would have loved to have been able to play games on my kindle but it was never even implemented in my country.

Can you even play games on a Nook?