Can't buy 'Herofall' on amazon Kindle Store?

Hi, I recently played the other 2 in the hero rise series (which is amazing btw!)
but when I tried to look up herofall on the kindle store it won’t come up?
Is anyoone else having this problem? Will they put it up soon?

Which version of the kindle? Is it an e-ink one?

A few years ago Amazon discontinued their programme that allowed people to sell games on their e-ink kindles. This meant that while Heroes Rise 1 and 2 could be published for e-ink kindles, Heroes Rise 3 couldn’t. You can only get it for the Kindle Fire.

Additionally, are you outside the US? Distributors may not sell CoG games in certain countries.

Yeah, I have kindle fire. Heroes rise 1 and 2 can be bought fine, but hero rise 3 is not even an option

I’m not sure why Heroes Rise 3 would be a problem. It’s showing up for me on Amazon when I do a search for it on my desk top. It’s showing up in the amazon app store when I do a search of the amazon app store on my tablet. But I’ve never used a Kindle Fire so I’m not sure how those work and how you buy things there.

Can you see all the other Choice of Games, just not Herofall?

It’s showing up on Kindle Fire in the AppStore when searching on “Choice of Games”. It was on the fifth line when sorting by Relevance. If I search by “Heroes Rise” it’s the first result on the first line when sorting by Relevance. And when searching by “HeroFall”, it’s the only result that pops up.

Were you searching in the AppStore? If you search under Books, it won’t show up.

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