2nd heroes rise not on amazon appstore?

For some reason I can’t find the second heroes rise game on the amazon appstore, does anyone know why that is?

Have you tried going to the demo on the website and clicking on the amazon link?

found it on the amazon app store just put in the hero project, the Redemption season came up on top then the Original HR:THP is like 9 down it costs like $5.99

It must just be incompatible with my kindle

i don’t think that could be the case if you can see the other newer installments as if it were to be incompatible with your kindle the newer versions should be too.

I mean that makes sense but it isn’t in the normal appstore and when I go on the websites it says that the app is incompatible with my device. So I’m not sure why it’s like that.

huh maybe someone from the CoG could solve this. So i am just gonna bring @RETowers here.

I bought the app but it won’t let me deliver it to my Kindle, what’s odd is that the third game is compatible and can be downloaded. Looking through the reviews there are older kindles that manage to run all three games so I have no idea why it won’t work.