HeroFall - Amazon/kindle


I am currently awaiting the upcoming release of the newest installment of the Heroes Rise’s series. I have been following the series since the first game, but one thing bugs me. The third game, HeroFall has never been released on Amazon, and so I cannot install it on my Kindle. While I have the other ones on there, if I want to play HeroFall, I have to wip out my phone (with its tiny screen from Hell). So my question; is there any possibility of HeroFall ever to be released on Amazon?

Thanks in advanced


I don’t know about HeroFall but I’ve just seen Redemption Season on the Amazon App store


I’ve seen Herofall on the Amazon Underground app store.


tablets can open up websites, so if you dont want the tiny screen of the phone then read Herofall directly from the CoG page on your Kindle (if you have been having Jason add your purchases to your CoG account)


I bought the entire series over the Kindle, but, I went to the amazon website o my kindle, bought amazon coins, and then looked it up while still on the website. Then bought it. I think I know what you’re experiencing, it happened to me, then I did what I said above, and I was able to install it on my kindle.