Affairs of the Court on Android?

I can only seem to find “Affairs of the Court” on the Kindle Amazon market. This just will not do. I have A Seki Android tablet, and a Hauwei Ascend Android phone? Is the last episode only available on the Kindle? If not, please inform me of how I can acquire it on either of my devices.

“Affairs of the Court” is an omnibus edition only available on kindle, a double package of Choice of Romance and Choice of Intrigues:

On android, you download Choice of Romance and purchase Choice of Intrigues in-app. It’s the same content, it’s just packaged differently.

Ok so what you’re saying is that Affairs of the court… is just a combination of Romance and Intrigues or is it Intrigues just with a different name? I thought that Affairs was the third episode and is only for the kindle. Sorry I’m still kind of confused.


Affairs of the Court=Choice of Romance (ep1) + Choice of Intrigues (ep2)

As of the last announcement, work has not yet begun on the 3rd episode in this series.

Work has begun on pt 3.


Cool. Thanks for the update! Btw, feel free to comment, ask for further clarification, or just plain disagree with the longish textwall I recently posted to the CoV community input thread. I wrote it because you had asked me a few weeks ago why the character interaction left me feeling a little flat. :wink: