Cannot purchase Choice of Romance for Android


I was able to purchase Choice of Intrigue, since that’s just available from the Android Market (Play Store), but every time I click to OK to upgrade to the full version of CoR I just see a page with this message: “file:///android_asset/mygame/index.html?forcedScene=choicescript_upgrade” and I can’t do anything else.

Am I doing something wrong?


I’ve never heard of that error before. Try completely uninstalling Choice of Romance and re-installing from scratch.


Will that delete my savegame / progress?


Once I finished Choice of Intrigue, it gave me the option to purchase the upgrade from the Play store and that one worked. I couldn’t get the normal reminders to work at all.

However, that end-game option also needs to be updated, since it says “Purcahse full version for $1.99” and it’s actually $2.99 in the store.