Can't play Choice of Intrigues?


I finished Choice of Romance while being in a relatinship with the king and saved my game. But when I try to play Choice of Intrigues, it gives the options to load a save or restart Romance… WHen I choose my saved game it takes me to the final page, and asks to restart that one from the beginning?

Is Intrigues not available yet? It’s really confusing situation…


It’s available, because I’ve played it. No idea what’s wrong with your game though. I’d tell you to make sure you copy and paste the whole save data dump into the load game box without any extra spaces or words or whatever, but I can’t imagine you didn’t already try that.


I’ve had the same problem happen to me

i ended up replaying the game on a different web browser and that seems to work,
*i still have trouble getting it to work on chrome