Can someone please help me with something?


I don’t know how I can save my games to my profile. (I play online) Can someone please instruct me on how you save a game? Thank you :slight_smile:


Are you playing a game that gives you an option to save and it’s not working? You’ll have to send an email to for help with that.

If you’re not being given an option to save the game, then you aren’t able to save that particular game. If you’re in the middle of a game and have to leave it for a while, you’ll have to just leave your computer on and your browser open on the game. If you leave the web page, you’ll lose your place in the game. If you are using a tabbed browser, you can leave your game open in one tab while you surf the web in another tab, and your game will be okay as long as you don’t close its tab or the browser.


Thank you so much. I’ve been asking around and no one seemed answered. The games was Choice of Romance. That games didn’t give me any option to save at any point.


Make sure you have cookies turned on. Then you can just close your browser anytime, as your progress is constantly being saved.


Alright, does that also apply to putting a save game to a sequel? (Choice of Romance to Choice of Intrigue)


Okay just found out how to import Choice of Romance save into Choice of intrigue…

Kinda strange but okay


@jasonstevanhill, is that only for hosted games? Doesn’t work that way for any games I’m working on myself as far as I can tell, even when I upload the game to a web server. Is there some flag that has to be turned on for it to work? A lot of us have been tearing our hair out trying to get our own games to save between browser sessions.

Still others have been working on “restore points,” and the best we’ve managed to do is to either have a duplicate set of variables to use for the restore (which only seems to work as long as the browser stays open), or to save a “password” to a cookie that we create ourselves, but which is only capable of restoring the game to the beginning of a scene and requires massaging of the JavaScript. Neither of these methods are exactly what we want, especially if there is a standard CS way to save and reload games/restore points. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated by every CS author on this forum.