I can't seem to save my game for Way Walkers: University


Hello and I’m sorry for bothering with asking this question but I can’t seem to save my game for Way Walkers: University. It’s a very fantastic game but when I get to the end of it and named my saved game “Samantha” and putted in my email and then clicked on the next it showed a pop up saying “Couldn’t upload your saved game to choiceofgames.com. You can try again for the from Restore menu.” so I waited for a while and did it again when the same pop up showed up. It always keeps on showing the same message and I don’t wanna lose to place in the game. ): So can anyone tell me what the problem is so I can know what I’m doing wrong and I can try and fix it.


I just got a second report of this from someone in the fanclub—i don’t know whats wrong, but i’ll see what i can find out.


I had the same problem, luckily I messed up my character, but I’d like to know how to save for when my character doesn’t die horribly ^u^


I just played it on my Android and “I think” it saved fine, for the record…


@WayWalkerLeigh Hopefully it does get fixed soon but anyways thank you for seeing if it could be fixed! (:

@AlyssaP Yeah same here, I wanna get to saving it so in the near future when the second part comes out, I don’t have to lose all of my progress.

@CJW I guess it’s different then for what you’re playing it on. I don’t have neither a Android or Ipod so I’m just simply playing this on my laptop.


I can’t seem to save either *sighs* They need to fix this more so I can play it (and not lose my character D: ).


It didn’t save on mine as well. Such is life.


Does anyone know if this has been resolved yet?


Hmm it is still doing the same thing for me, just tried it again to make sure. I purchased through the Chrome store, not sure if that will be relevant to the issue or not.


It’s the same for me. Is it possible to make it so you can get a password (like in Choice of Vampires) maybe?


@Riopse I have no clue–im not up on the technical side of things and no-one from CoG has gotten back to me on this yet. :confused:


@wolfwriter20 yay! :slight_smile:


Well, it didn’t give me an error message this time, so that is a very good sign :slight_smile:


@AllyssaP @LaurenP @CJW @SilentNight13 @Drazen @wolfwriter20 @Riopse

I’ve been informed that the problem has been resolved and the games should now save :slight_smile:


It seems to be working for me too :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking care of this


I know this is an old thread but I’m having the exact same issue and I’m not sure what to do.