Can't load in Way Walkers II?

Alright, this may seem like a petty thing to open up an entirely new form for, but I just purchased the second Way Walkers game and after playing through, finishing, and saving the first one, when I go to the second one and try to load the game from my account using my e-mail address they say there are 0 synchronized saved games even though I literally just saved the game on the first one. In there are reason it’s not synchronizing to my account or does it just take a few days?

Send the support email address an email (it should be at the bottom of your game) asking for their help.

@FairyGodfeather the issue was resolved. As many times as my stupid self looked at the e-mail address to make sure they matched up, I looked for just one last time to realize I had been saving my game to rather than
If there were a nation of idiots, I’d be King over them :frowning: Anyway, I guess this form can be closed now, however that’s supposed to work

Yay! Glad it got fixed! Hooray!