Can not save any of my games

Especially for Zombie Exodus. All the choice of games that have second parts, it asks for my name and email. I enter the information and come back 10 minutes later. It always says name not recognized and if I continue having trouble to contact choice of games support. I just want to continue my stories to the second part! That so hard to do?

When you enter your name and email, do you receive an email asking for confirmation?

I just tried saving a game for Zombie Exodus and it looks like the site is working.

I got the confirmation, and a second email asking about a subscription. I have run through the whole zombie exodus game at least 7 times and saved everytime. Yet everytime I come back to play, it says there is nothing for that email or name. Could it be because I am using a kindle fire. I have a lot of troubles with this tablet.

Sorry you are having trouble with it. Have you tried it from my Web site as well? If you continue to have trouble there, please email me and I can help test with a password. My email is

Ok thank you so much :slight_smile: