Way walkers question


I’m not sure if this is in the right place but I need help on something concerning the game. At the end I checked and I had 3 full save files. I’m wondering if I could delete those and if so how? Do you get a save game prompt at the end of the part or throughout?


I’m pretty sure that I didn’t get a prompt to save my file for the second part and I’m wondering why that is.


Deleting saves is somewhere on the todo list, but is currently not implemented.


Thanks for answering . So it’s going to be a feature in the upcoming way walkers 3? I do remember that I was able to save when I got to the end of the first part,yet on my recent playthrough,I didn’t get a prompt. Do I have too many save files or something?


If the game is not prompting you to save when it should be, that would be a bug. If you can send in a e-mail to support via the app, that would be the best way of helping us track that down (we’re not really set up to handle bug reports through the forums). Any information on recreating that is helpful too.

Regarding deleting saves, to my understanding it would be a core change to how the system handles saves, so it’s hard to tell how any of that might work in the future and/or when and where it would be applied. As for potentially having too many saves, unless you have a hundred (or more), it shouldn’t be a problem.


Speaking of saving,I have another question. Does every official Cog or Hosted game allow you to save your progress while you’re playing? For example,while in the middle of a playthrough would I be able to hit a save button and save my progress up to that point. Or can you only save at the end of a part? The games I currently have mostly save at the end.


It depends on how the game is coded. Most games have save options at the end, if they have saves at all, but there are a few that have saves at each chapter/checkpoint.


I’m certain that the Way walkers games had saves at the end of the chapter. Like I said though, it doesn’t ask for my Cogs email so I can save.


Actually,I just sent an email to Waywalkers help about this,so I’ll wait and see.


I believe what you are referring to is the checkpoint system.


Excuse me,I mean’t the end of the game itself,not chapter.