Limits on Choice of game saves?

Hello all!

While doing a few more delightful runs of Wayhaven Chronicles to make sure to explore all facets of relationships to be had with the vampire squad, I started to get concerned over the amount of saves I have created at the end of each playthrough of the first book by now.

My apologies if this is answered somewhere - unfortunately I couldn’t quite find it if so!

Is there any type of limitation on the amount of saves we can create and keep functional with our Choice of account? Say like a total number of save files per account, or per game, or maybe some type of size limit?
Additionally, any way of managing those saves such as deleting them in case any such limit does exist?

(My curiosity is not limited only to Wayhaven - but includes all games, I suppose usually sagas, which use the feature. XoR would be another example!)

Thank you kindly!


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I am not sure. I’ve been thinking about that myself actually. As far as I know there is no way to delete them and because of that there probably isn’t any limit either.

Over time I’ve thought out a way to name save files so that I instantly recognize them.

For example in Wayhaven: M_BRul_Sar_Im [M - Morgan; BRul - Bend the rules; Sar - Sarcastic; Im - Impulsive].

It helps me a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think there is. It might get a bit difficult to remember which save is which, but that can be solved by labelling save properly, like the poster above suggester. I have several saves for the Lost Heir series and Zombie Exodus, and I have yet to encounter any limit, so I think you’re fine.

I don’t think there’s any way to delete saves, as they’re linked to your email, they’re not stored directly on the device you’re playing on.

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IIRC, I asked Dan about this and he answered that save management is “on the radar.” But for now, there seems to be no way to interact with your save file aside from contacting CoG support.

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Save files are linked to an email address. Since email addresses are basically free, you can assign as many saves to an email address as you want, or assign some to one and some to another.

We don’t have a way to delete saves, currently.


Granted, I have no idea how to code or run a website, but might there be a way to manage save files in the far flung future? :thinking:

Provided that it’s possible, the log in to your account could bring users to a page where they can manage (rename, delete, etc.) save files?

This is pure speculation cause I have no idea how to code a website, but I think it’d be a neat idea! Thanks and have a good one! :slight_smile:

It’s long been in our plans to do it. That’s why I said “currently.”


Sounds like a neat possibility for the future, though given there are no limits as you mentioned I definitely understand it not being a priority. Thank you for the clarifications!

That’s a smart and neat way of doing it!

I first started with hesitantly organized/coded save files (since I was unsure of character or length limits), then I adopted a little bit more of a system like you mentioned… but I have to admit that now I find my saves getting increasingly rambly and I might well end up with descriptions like "Totally romancing Ava but team is all friends also I am a brat techie with mommy issues and a chill wrist scar " soon!

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