Choice of Romance part 3 windows store bug

I bought choice of romance 3 from the windows store, and whenever I try to restore a saved game it kicks me out of the app. On a side note, I wish you would advertise more that you were going to start adding games to the windows store, I found the game by accident while looking for the zombie cheerleading choice game, but I hope you continue adding games to the windows store because now I can play them on my surface pro.

They do advertise… They have a whole page dedicated to when games come out. As for your question, does an error appear?

I thought the advertisement said it was only on chrome and IOS. It happens right after I enter my email and select next.

meant to add no error appears. it just closes

Hmm, I’m not sure. It might be a bug, I haven’t got part 3 yet, so I don’t know the exact problem.

Just for general knowledge I found out the save system does work for the windows store version. It is just that your old saved games are incompatible with the windows store version. If you start a new game and save it from there you should be able to see your new save games and not get booted from the game.