Cannot continue?

for some reson i canot continue with the story in Affairs of the court. whenever i try to continue or restart i am immeditly sent to the main page. did i do something wrong?

Did you die or reach an ending in the story?

no clue, but if i did it sould have alowed me to restart right?

What platform did you purchase the game on?
How are you playing the game? Are you using a web-browser, for instance and if so which one?
Do you own all three parts?

web browser, internet expleaer, and no

Are you trying to play the game ?

How far did you play?

yes, i remember romancing the king, give him the flower, tell the uncle i love him. and was asked to save the game. is that all?

I’m not sure where the paywall in Choice of Romance currently is. There’s a chance that that is all there is and everything else you need to pay to unlock.

i would if i could but they keep kicking me out.

never mind, i desided to use a diffrent browser to play it works and i can use my file.