Choice of Affairs Endings!


Please can you post every single ending on this forum and describe the ending fully and how you get it ? Many Thamks !


Do you own the game on your phone, or do you have it on Chrome?


I own it on chrome but I also have it on my phone !


In Chrome you can access the code. That will answer your questions. Try going to chrome-extension://midinkaigajmdfonfleopboienmjnlmc/scenes/startup.txt and see if that works.


it dosent work ! i have tried!


Can you not see anything on that page at all? I was a little confused the first time I looked at it, but then I realized it just gives you the list of other pages are available. So you go to


And it has a scene list, which then tells you what other pages to go to to view specific code. So for example


is the one that has all the endings to the series in it.

If you’ve purchased the game for Chrome and go to those links and it’s still not showing anything, I’m not sure what to tell you. Explaining exactly how to get to each different ending would take a while. The summary of what can ultimately happen is:

You can end the game romantically involved with de Vega or de Mendosa, or alone. The Monarch is going to die no matter what you do (but you can accomplish having a good relationship with him/her until he/she dies naturally). Once it gets to the point where you have to start making serious decisions you can:

-Marry Tomas, which leads to being mind controlled until your kid(s) show up and you manage to break free and kill him
-Get rid of Tomas by seizing control of Iberia yourself
-Get rid of Tomas by curing the Monarch of mind control, in which case he/she deals with Tomas

If you choose the coup option, there are two possible outcomes:
-You succeed, and kill Tomas along with the Monarch.
-You manage to kill the Monarch, but not Tomas, and then he mind-controls you and it goes back to the aforementioned “Marry Tomas” option

If you free the Monarch’s mind, he/she is still going to be pretty unstable, so you can:
-Decide that’s okay and live with him/her until he/she dies (IF your record is spotless enough that he/she doesn’t turn against you)
-Have a coup (basically same as above, assuming it succeeds)
-Poison the Monarch

If you have killed both Tomas and the Monarch, then there’s a question of whether or not Juanita is still alive. If not, you’re uncontested. If she is, there are a handful of ways to deal with her. You can kill her, or if your power base is strong enough you can banish her, or she can come to power and you’ll be exiled… until several years later when she decides to hand the throne to your son.

Whether you’re in power or temporarily exiled, you can continue a relationship with whichever love interest is relevant (or not, if you’d rather break it off). If you end up in power and you’re involved with de Mendosa, you can approve a constitutional government.

In addition to these, there are, of course, a whole bunch of endings where you screw something up and die, in which case your kid(s) avenge you several years later once they’re old enough.

I haven’t fully explored every option yet, so anyone else can feel free to add to the list if there’s something I didn’t cover.

Hopefully that helps. Obviously, giving detailed instructions for how to make each of those happen would take quite a bit of effort so I hope you can find a way to just look at the code if you need specifics.


alright is it just this discussion popping in and out of the front page or are there a million discussions with the same title?


I’m not aware of any others, but I could be wrong. What do you mean by popping in and out?


Nya, I don’t really remember what choices I made all I remember was that I saved the queen then after that I lead a coup that worked and I seized power, nya


*I’ve gotten the ending where I’m burned at the stake for various reasons, but my children avenge me, and Antonio claims the throne.
*I’ve also gotten the ending where I kill Tomas, while in mind control. I don’t remember how I did it, tho,
*I’ve assassinated the king, and I’ve also led a coup to kill him.
*I’ve also set up a constitutional monarchy, after the coup, with the help of de Mendoasa, and married both de Vega and de Mendosa.
I hope that helped!


I got an ending that i maried Torres and having an affair with the king only for the affair to end than Torres die later by an heart attack.


Also you can if you get rid of Thomas but keep the monarch alive…and manage to survive long enough for them to die and junita is still alive she will either rebel with the forces of house de agular or if you married her of to Sahara she invades with a army backed by either the queen or her husband. (( i dont know if her husband dies what happens to her at this point…there are so many little things in this game that affect that sorta thing. )) you can either raise an army of your own and meet her on the feild of battle…basically surrender or pretend to surrend where i aussume there is a chance to kill ger off or pull a much easier to pull of coup.


How do you get that last one? Or one with both De Mendosa and the Queen?