Choice of Intrigue

So are two females supposed to be able to conceive a child (Adelita de Delgado and the Queen) or is that an artifact of gender conversion in the script?

It is possible for two parents of the same gender to have children in this game’s setting due to Life magic.

is ending up with the queen the only way to save your game? at first i thought it was just the bad end that didnt have a continuation but now ive played through with de mendoza, and didnt get an option to save.

Yes, you have to be with the queen/king at the end of the game to save it. That is (afaik) the only perquisite.

I wanted to traipse across the country with Gabriella.

When do we get to aquire part 3!? Im soooooo excited and anxious to play it!

I’m really looking forward to part three as well. Will the story end in part three or how many parts are planned? This far it’s been a great game!!

I really hope there’ll be a way to give the king a legitimite life mage child and live happily ever after with him.

best game around

After playing around with it for a while now, I still really enjoy the story, but I keep drifting off into 'what if’s that the choices available won’t allow. For example, if the King/Queen is such a horrible flirt, I’d try and get the new meat involved as a plaything in a threesome to a) show the king/queen they can have the cake (me) -and- the (many flavors of) icing. b) be there to control how close the flavor of the Season gets to the King/Queen emotionally. Frankly, killing or discrediting the new blood … not a permanent solution. >:-)

Would u realy want someone around to compete with. I mean what if the new meat tries to get rid of u like u did to the king/queens former husband/wife

Well most of the time i play, i make sure i am strong enough in magic use to handle such threats.

How do you get Luis de Vega on your side in part I??