The end!For the King/Queen!

So how did it end for you? Did you kill or conspire against him/her?

Personally I made the queen sentence the king to death! Muhahahah

I did same but on my second playthrough I killed him personally with death magic and got away with it

I used death magic, I didn’t have the charm necessary to pull of a conspiracy.

To tell you the truth I conspired with de la vega so that we would kill the king!

I got him killed by queen, saved luis for another time, have a life mage heir, and ruined the light mage family influence. I’m in the clear (:

I became her trusty little bitch. I aint for the figurehead image. I am more towards being the shadow king that actually gets the important things done. I kept His Highness alive, knowing that it was torturing him that I was banging his wife and producing the first viable heir while his daughter was sold to our neighboring country for the reasons of “peace”.

Aren’t I just a stinker O:)

I will actually try that

@Hermit I did the same thing but without the evil intentions

Hermit, I thought you talked in the third person

If you’re the “royal mistress” instead of the “royal consort”, than your life-mage child is no more viable an heir than the others. In fact Augustin(a) already has one illegitimate life-mage child who is older, and thus has precedence over yours. And as the only legitimate child, Juanita isn’t entirely out of the picture either if she’s still alive and married to the ruler of Sahra. Through her, or even her children, Sahra may later make a claim on Iberia when Augustin(a) dies. On the other hand, if you’re the royal consort, your life-mage child is the only proper heir. None of Augustina’s other children are both legitimate and life-mages.

@P_Tigras: Why, the solution for that is simplicity itself!

Just make sure that your children are the last heirs standing, and their legitimacy or magic type won’t matter a whit.


How heartlessly pragmatic, yet still very true! :stuck_out_tongue: Nevertheless in that case I would never allow Juanita to leave for Sahra. You’re better off killing Juanita in CoI while she’s still close enough to easily access, and before she produces any children. And let’s not forget that she’s also a highly potent death mage who hates you with a passion and, once she’s ready, is very likely to decide to do you before you do her. So again, the threat she represents is best dealt with ASAP. That will leave just the boy who won’t be old enough to produce any heirs of his own for years. So you’ll have plenty of time to arrange his assassination and tie up the last impediment to your child’s inheritance.

Now hopefully your own two children won’t try to kill each other over who gets the throne once you’ve so conveniently cleared the path for them… :wink:

I based my female(and male) character after Anne Boleyn as in the fact that they want nothing more than to pleasure the king/queen so they stay the king/queen’s number one consort and to give the king/queen a legitimate heir and will manipulate those around them to get what they want…oh and i killed the queen consort…wow i really need to stop watching Thr Tudors

what ever I seam to do I end up dead or exiled . #-O

I’ve never gotten an exile ending. I wonder how you do it?


There is no leniency beyond a quick death if your victim is Juanita, but if you kill someone else and get caught, then whether or not you get executed depends on the strength of your relationship with Augustin(a). If it’s strong enough, your royal spouse/lover won’t be able to bear the thought of your execution, but will have you banished to live the rest of your life at castle Verde in the northern mountains/hills instead.

Basically there is a secret RelKing variable that tracks how much Augustin(a) cares for you. The minimum RelKing score needed to get the banishment verdict varies depending on the exact circumstances. RelKing in CoI is generally increased by being supportive of and affectionate/flirty with Augustin(a). Since he has Augustin(a)'s ear, your relationship with Vega will also affect your relationship with Augustin(a). RelKing is also carried over from CoR where it may have been increased in the same manner, or by playing hard to get. There are also situations that will lower it as well. If you want to keep it from dropping, avoid fighting with or disagreeing (unless you’re highly subtle about it) with your royal spouse/lover, don’t make Vega your enemy, and avoid getting caught squabbling with Juanita regardless of how much she deserves it.

Of course, if Vega’s your ally, it’s a moot point because you’re not getting caught to be exiled anyway.


If there is an investigation, and your subtlety isn’t so high that there really is no evidence to be found, then yes, Vega will pretend he can’t find anything -if- RelVega is over 70. The game keeps track of how much Vega likes you just like it does with Augustin(a). Vega’s opinion of you will take a dive however if he has to save your bacon and RelVega will then be very low going into Part 3. I would not expect him to necessarily save you a second time if you should need it in the next part once it’s released.

Depending on what you do, however, it’s also possible you’ll get caught red-handed, in which case Augustin(a) will have no need to appoint Vega to investigate.

I got de Vega on my side as well and killed the Queen!!! Now by the end of part 2 I have manipulated the whole court into submission! The Death Mages Love me and The Life Mages fear me and the Old Queen’s family is in ruins and Juanita that little bitch is in Sahara marrying the eldest prince! Me and my elder Death mage son and younger and Heir Life mage son could not be doing any better lol! Thumbs way up for the master of Court Intrigue lol Queen Ana! Plus on a side not my charm and subtly were so high, even de Vega could not tell I had a part in my siblings’ husband’s death lol! Everyone loves me (well death mages do)! :smiley:

My preferred course is to blast Ramirez into submission to obtain a life mage heir, and then use death magic to assassinate Juanita who imho is the single biggest threat to my character’s children. This also incidentally raises my magic score even further. My second choice is again to blast Ramirez into submission, but to frame Juanita with Vega’s help this time for conspiring against Augustin(a). Then I can give an impassioned speech about how she should be spared, increasing my reputation, even as Augustin(a) ignores my speech and executes the little bitch anyway. :smiley:

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