Luis de Vega...? Good side?


How does one get on Luis de Vega’s good side??

Did it once last year, but can’t remember how.

Thanks inadvance!!


Punish the border lords and Sahra but do not start a war nor punish them excessively!


Which choice would I choose to get de Vega smiling at me??


Last one!
No kidding last one when in the affairs of the court the political decision comes up!
Then you can use luis de vega as a conspirator muhahaha I already have!

And the with the right choices the kings head will go flying!


Hah alright, thanks!!


Okay. So that did not work!!


what choices do I need to make? Include them all that will get him on my side please!!! :slight_smile:


Aysis, there’s no need to post the same question on numerous threads.

In time, someone will hopefully have the answer.


Do you have the answer? Si non, alors laissez
Merci beaucoup ;]


Well, I don’t recall having him smile at me before. But I did have a rapport with him. I’m guessing that as long as the monarch punishes both the borderlords and Sahra equally, it would help your chances.

It is also possible that the Booksmart being high would help.

Later in Choice of Intrigue, I sought him out as much as possible.


Ahh, mkay. Well thanks for that tidbit at least. The reason I ask is, I have became queen and everytime I go the safe route, but I haven’t tried to assassinate her yet.

So I’m trying every way to get him to be my accomplice. That’s the only way I can get away with it I think.


To get him on your side, just do everything to support the king/queen at the expense of everything else when the foreign dignitary arrives. There should be an option about you thinking the king/queen should do whatever to add to their own lands and capitalize on the situation. Assuming nothing goes awry, the king/queen should take a relatively hard stance against both sides, and you shouldn’t have to say anything else. De Vega then says something to you IIRC.

And you can successfully kill the queen/king consort if you do it right even without his help IIRC.

Also, you only need to ask a question once. Everyone has to see it as they check for new forum posts anyways.