Affairs of the Court

I wish that in Choice of Intrigues you could have more interactions with you and the Kings/queens children, and maybe even offer to have the kings/queens son Tomas Reyes be apart of your household to help strengthen your own political base, or do it simple for the love of the king/queen

That would be great! I usually marry the King, and that means his 1st wife gets the ax. Anyways his daughter Juanita is a complete b**ch to me afterwards even when I try to be nice though I love how the king catches here being a a**. I was hoping Tomas would have a bigger role and could use him, since I play a manipulative character that does what she does for the good of the kingdom, as a guardian of my sons or manipulate him onto my side!!! :smiley:

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When part 3 coming out

i try to save Juanita but i cant

Save her from what? @vampierkid222 :open_mouth:

geting behead by her mother

Well, you can always not expose what she’s doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah well she needs to learn her place lol

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Exactly. Her place is in a shallow grave, right next to her father and Tomas de Reyes!

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yes i know maybe even her mother

Yeah, I would of totally liked more interacting with either your children and or the King/Queen. It felt a little short and quick, thrown into the next thing, bang bang bang, you really didn’t get a chance to enjoy being a new parent or a royalties’ lover. Well, you could snag small pockets of the king/queen’s time, but you have to fob a lot of things or the royal boob cheats on you with a perky little blowpop new to the court =_= Le sigh, but what can you do. Be nice if he’d/she’d come to you, show some affection and small surprises to give the feel you’re in a relationship, or maybe a bit of jealousy if someone looked your way or something. Sometimes the small things are the most brilliant.

Tomas…yesss, I really wanted to go more into his storyline or at least interact with the poor lad. Maybe interactions were cut out to save on time and saved for part three? One can only hope.

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just think you have 2 kids one death one life are you going to treat them both the same

Also if you are able to raise Tomas you will still remain powerful even if neither of your sons are death mages because Tomas will love you like a mother, since he has no loyalty to Queen Ines because she wasn’t his mother and disliked him

or father what if u dont kill juanita but send her off and she comes back

Kill adelita, make the king kill Juanita, and have the life Mage child and you have removed all competition

no the old king?\queen family will still hate u

Tomas de Reyes is alive and a teenager already, though. But obviously he’ll be relevant to part 3 as a potential adversary.

I like that Tomas was essentially kept away from interaction in the first two games, because that makes him a likely foe in the end if you want to get your kid onto the throne.

Tomas and Juanita are older than us are they not? I assumed we were like 15 when we come to court. Tomas is a bastard (can’t really compete with lawfully born heirs) and I sent Juanita (the little bitch!) to Sahara to marry the eldest prince. Now I’m wondering if I should have just had her killed like her mother. I mean I have a death and life mage son so Kings happy. I crushed the old queen’s family to ruins basically and death mages love me/ life mages fear me, so maybe it’ll be alright. I want to interact with Tomas though. And the return of the guy who liked you in part 1 (can’t remember his name) is interesting and sucky because one of my skills is going down even if I greet him normal! >.<

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