is it possible at all to save her from dying at the end?

Who is juanita?

I assume she’s a character in Affairs of the Court, from the category. :slight_smile:

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If she gets to the point where she’s going to be executed, no.

then how can i get on her good side? the only part i get regarding her is when she gets executed.

You can’t. Juanita is your enemy.

Well you can choose to marry her off to the prince of Sahara instead, of course if there’s a sequel that might really bite you in the ass, but I don’t have the heart to get her executed either.

ya, thats the thing, i did marry her off to sahara, but i want to see if there’s an option where things just get more friendly with her.

It is impossible. During court, you can try to be friendly towards her, but she utterly loathes you. You cannot afford to be soft with her. It is best to eliminate her while she is still within reach. Marrying her to the Sahran heir is a temporary solution at best, giving her time to improve her magic to the point that she could cast death curses or call upon Sahran forces to seize the throne of Iberia. By birth and choice, she played the game of thrones, so she should have been prepared to either win or die, just as the player must.

@Gadriel Game of Thrones reference FTW.

By the way, Affairs of the Court: Choice of Crowns should be out in April, or May at the latest.

Well, let me roll back that statement a little. We’ll be doing continuity testing in April. It may depend on how much revising has to be done.

Do what must be done, Mr Hill. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy.

Tried to be friendly with Juanita but she hates me anyway (but then again I did kill her father and married her mother…tehe)

There is another option instead of killing her or marrying her to the Prince of Sharan. You can make her your heir until a Life mage baby is born then they will become the heir. No kill, she wont be plotting to kill you with her teleporting army, Life mages are happy but she becomes your heir… Grrr

But if you have a Life Mage baby she no longer is, WOOT! So all you need is to make a Life Mage baby, not too hard I always got one.

So there is always that option lol xD (My fav since I didnt want to kill my daughter and I basically Troll her at the same time xD)

Of course, death curses work on small children, doncha know.

May at the latest you say? I am trying very hard not to clap with glee right now.

So, now you have a very angry, very skilled mage who was just cheated out of her “rightful” throne *twice* by the same person, a person whose primary claim to temporal power is the existence of an infant?

Expect your character’s child to die very messily from a “tragic chandelier-related incident.”

Was just stating a third option, only saw people talking of two of em so I just put it out there.

And why is everyone set on killing her? Sure she may hate you but she hasnt done anything “yet” to grant me to want to kill her. I didn’t want to kill the King either but that was beyond my control if I wanted to be King.

She will probably try to kill me or my son down the line but she hasnt shown any interest yet. But when she does she will die, no questions about that. (my character is no pushover in the magic department either)

And I didnt cheat her twice, I only cheated her once xD (but she doesnt know that or have proof, Yay for being subtle)

It’s all about potential threats and planning ahead to meet or destroy them, which is what a competent ruler (though not a morally pure one) should be doing. The slim chance that Juanita might be “turned” to favour your new succession is not usually considered recompense enough for the rather huge risk that Juanita will either try to have you and your kid killed off, or start a civil war with the armies of House Aguilar/Sahra at her back. Add the fact that *she* will also be planning ahead (because she’s a bright girl) under the assumption that you are planning to have her neutralized anyways and that there is very little you can do to disabuse her of that notion, and finding a way to make Juanita “disappear” becomes a very attractive option.

Personally, I find the cost of assassination to be a bit harsh. I usually have her married off to Sahra. It saves me trouble with House Aguilar in the short term, and I’m planning for a resumption of hostilities with the Sahran border lords anyways, so one extra death mage and one extra casus belli will mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

@Cataphrak “which is what a competent ruler (though not a morally pure one)” - What’s the difference?

Indeed. What is best for the sovereign is the morally correct thing to do.

A ruler powerful enough and enduring enough to compose and enforce their own code of morality upon everyone who might judge them is a morally pure ruler, so long as they stay within their own limits.

If a king ate babies (hypothetically speaking, of course) and then made sure everyone who knew of his existence agreed that “it is morally just for the king to regularly eat babies”, then who is to say otherwise?