Preferred Choice of Eliminating Rivals


Out of curiosity are there any particular preferences for how you dispose of the royal consort and Juanita, possible Adelita as well? I prefer to retain an indirect role in the matters by inducing Agustin to turn against Ines and Juanita and have them both executed. If nothing else, it spares Agustin any grief over their deaths, and at least that much consideration can be made.

If I have to do it myself, I prefer using poison. I will not even consider using the death curse. As for why, it is not exactly the best reason, but I would not have a problem casting the death curses instead if they did not call for one to murder a dozen black kittens each time and use their blood. I love cats, so I cannot bring myself to use that option. That is curious. I will not hesitate to have Ines and Juanita killed, but I still balk at killing kittens. Without casting death curses, I can still get my Magic up to 90, which is good enough.


You know…I had totally blocked it out of my mind that using a death curse involved killing kittens. :frowning: I had forgotten all about it until you reminded me.

I always dispose of Esteban/Ines and Juanita either by framing them or by going with the death curse (and ignoring the part about the kitties dying). I’m not a fan of poison. It’s the most convoluted, the riskiest, and the least rewarding in terms of your stats.

I don’t bother with Adelita. Maybe it’s because I’m a male playing a male character and Adelita is always female. The thought of my wife having a female lover just doesn’t hit me as hard as it would if the lover were male. I’m thus able to operate on a purely rational level. Adelita is a pretty, but empty-headed twit who is no threat to my character. Heck, I wanted to suggest a threesome when I caught them in bed together, not throw a tantrum or cry. I was rather disappointed with the options the game gave me at that point. :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: Juanita is the single biggest threat to my character’s family in part 2, so I have a strong preference for taking her out instead.


I always use De Vega or Flora to help me get rid of Ines. In Choice of Intrigues i always turn the court against Jaunita and poison Adelita to eliminate all potential threats in the future.


Turning the court against Juanita is just a temporary setback for her. It doesn’t eliminate her as a threat. She’s still the monarch’s eldest child, she still has her alliance with her Aunt, the powerful Duchess of Aguilar, and she still will soon have the power to assassinate your children with death magic.


Turning the court against Juanita is lethal when done properly.


Turning the monarch against Juanita is lethal. The value of turning “the court” against Juanita is debatable since the court doesn’t kill any one.


Manipulate the court, manipulate the monarch.


Or maybe you could use Juantia to your advantage? I hope they add this feature in the third one.


It really depends on what mood I’m in and what specialties I go for. For instance when I am a powerful mage I like to Death Curse the Queen or King Consort. If I am a low-level mage more suited for charm and subtlety I like to turn the King or Queen against their consort and have them execute them through rumors of misconduct.

When it comes to the second game I don’t really like to kill Adelita because in my opinion for the moment it doesn’t really change anything at the present time. It may in the long run but for now that’s not a possibility til the third game comes out. For Juanita to get the sweet spot I try and kill her either way, death curse, poison, or rumor, and also spread rumors against her so that when she does kick the bucket so to speak her parent doesn’t get too upset or suspicous and I’m home free. As you can probably tell I’ve spent way too much time finding all the ways to get rid of Juanita permanently.

Otherwise my usual way is to send her to Sahara so I canhave the Life Mage heir.


I used de Vega to take out the king consort and a whisper campaign to execute Juanita and I killed Felix de Chavez and his daughter


Oh in this game I always take the manipulative route big time as a character with subtlety, then smarts, as her greatest virtues. I had the King execute his current Queen Consort by suggesting she was guilty of practicing mind influencing magic, and I get Dona Juliana Ortis on my side, by threatening to expose her affair if she doesn’t help me. As far as Juanita, I’ve only ever tried sending her to Sahra because it just seems like a win-win, we get to make a truce with Sahra and keep Juanita at distance. Also I thought that after my whole involvement with Ines being set aside, that trying to eliminate Juanita as well would really be pushing my luck.
And Adelita, I didn’t really do anything about her because at the time I was so busy stressing over Juanita and Aguilar and giving the King an heir to the throne that she took the chance to swoop in and charm the King, and of course it worked.