Is there actually a 1/100 chance that Antonio will be a Life Mage?

Is that slight chance actually programmed into the game, or is it just for storytelling purposes?

My current character adores the Queen and quickly disposed of the Consort out of jealousy, and I thought it would be great if there was a way to have a Life Mage child AND avoid the Adelita cheating, for maximum relationship benefits~

On that note, maybe I shouldn’t have expected the Queen to stay loyal, but I was kind of hoping that going the extra mile to really captivate her (with her getting desperate and giving you an impassioned declaration of love in her gardens, as opposed to giving yourself up at the first occasion) would lessen the chances of her looking elsewhere.
Instead, it seems like she’ll always cheat on you if you spend so much as a few hours out of her sight, no matter what you did before and how nice you’ve been to her… I even made a cutting remark after she met Adelita and she seemed sorry and embarrassed, but as soon as I was sick (okay, ‘‘sick’’, but she doesn’t know that), she cheated on me!

Yeah, sorry, but on my next playthrough I’m just going to assassinate you. Forget candles, you can’t even hold a flimsy match to Gabriela!

Yes, there really is a 1/100 random chance of having a life mage child if you do nothing.

Personally I consider both Augustina and Gabriela flimsy matches. Even as women, they both had a male vibe to them that I found off-putting.

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Ooh, nice! I’ll give it a shot when I have the time. Thank you for the fast reply!

Hm, interesting. Maybe I’d understand what you mean if I were a man; As it is, I can’t see anything off about them, even though I prefer feminine women in real life.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way, @P_Tigras !! I feel like this series is meant to be played with the supporting characters as men. It doesn’t bother me anymore, but the first time I played a character who was romancing females, it felt a bit awkward. Especially when the Queen calls me “so lovely a gentleman,” and I am described as “beautiful.” Torres and Mendosa are the two who seem the most like they are meant to be men even when they are women, to me.

@Mistlequill: Choices, choices.

But you know, you did know what Agustina was like when you first climbed into bed with her.

I actually preferred all of the characters as female. I thought that they were far more interesting that way. I do wish that we could have been an equal partner with Mendosa though in the ending provided in the first game, as opposed to waiting for them to earn our fortune.

I used the 1/100 chance for a life mage child in order to get one. I just kept rerolling until I got it. I opened up about 50 windows in order to do so and picked the one where I got the life mage child. It would have been easier if I just kept flipping back and forth from the stat screen since that also forces a reroll.

What I wish was that there was an option to just accept the monarch’s promiscuity. To say to them, I know you like sleeping with other people, I’m great with that, let’s invite some of them to share our bed with us. I knew what you were like before we got together, I don’t want to change you, I don’t want to shame you for it, and I’m happy with it.

The monarch is not a loyal individual. They are well known for having many partners, as well as ‘dismissing’ anyone who does not please them (being a loyal adviser is not a job with a pension in this game).
So this behaviour should not surprise you at all - don’t forget you lured the monarch from their legal spouse in the first place.

@P_Tigras: If by male vibe, you mean they are both the active and dominate parties in your relationship with them, then yes, they have male vibes. Otherwise, I see nothing manly about them - Mendosa, in particular, with the poetry and starry eyed idealism does not really look macho to me.

Yes, as I said, I know I can’t expect her to be completely faithful, and most of the time I was not surprised and/or did not care.
HOWEVER, I think it could be an option if you treat her perfectly. I mean, the sole purpose of my character was to please the Queen, make the Queen love her, etc., yet her tendency towards having affairs was no different from when I completely ignored her.
No matter what the position usually entails, I think it’s not entirely unreasonable to expect a different, more faithful response if you do everything right.

I’m not saying that they should change it, but it could have been a nice touch in my opinion.

Really? I remember in once playthrough the monarch paid only the barest attention for the pretty young things around. Not ignored completely, but with the right choices, they basically blew them off. Might depend on your charm, as well as the relationship score?

I haven’t had issues with any others though, just Adelita. You’re right that the cheating can be avoided with the right choices; However, I believe that if you go meet the Life Mage, it WILL happen while you’re gone, no matter how high your relationship score or charm are.

You can’t stop her eye from wandering, that’s the entire point of the subplot.

You’re an older woman now, one who’s already had a child (ignore this logic if you’re male), and you can’t rely on your looks alone like you did when you were younger. Also, Agustina knows most of your sex tricks by now, so a fresh young maiden might be just the thing to spice everything up for her. Unless, of course, you keep her eye on you.

That’s just the thing – I wish that, if you’ve done absolutely everything in your power to have her love you and you only, the cheating would be avoidable.

It doesn’t even seem like she’s all that interested in Adelita; If you never leave to meet the Life Mage, she only gets a passing mention before disappearing from existence.

You may not be 16 anymore, but (if you have a good enough relationship score, at least) it’s implied that the monarch truly loves you. That’s what bugs me, I guess; I expected the cheating with my other characters, but this one had done everything to completely capture the Queen’s heart, with every indication that she succeeded, and yet this still happened.

At least she can have her cake and eat it too, if she gets lucky with Antonio’s genetics :slight_smile:

EDIT : Wow, never mind!!
I really wanted to get as close as possible to the Queen with this character, for the sake of completion and because I still somewhat liked her despite the cheating, but I just got the ‘save the monarch’ ending… did I do something wrong, or are they always so horrible?! I thought all the killing was from the mind control she suffered!
I still might attempt the Antonio thing out of curiosity, but I’m turned off of the Queen for good now!

@FairyGodfeather i agree with you. Or a option to be promiscuous yourself with someone young to put queen jealous . i play with a queen even like a girl because girl queen is almost copy The Russian queen Catherine the great q ninfomaniac with strong character who liked pursue youngster but also was one of better rulers in history. But nope all your candidates are lot older or boring like Mendoza

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That was why I wanted a relationship with Lucio/Lucia. I know you disapprove of the idea though because they’re 16. It can be as small as the same age gap between you and Mendosa though.

I’d have been as happy to strike it up as a friendship, waiting for the few years until the monarch died to turn it into something more. I’d have liked to have guided them, befriended them, mentored them. Protected them from the horrors of the court.

Instead I stole away their agency, orchestrating things from behind the scenes, pulling strings. There was only ever the option to be their rival, to use them, when they could have been a useful friend. At best you arrange a marriage for them.

I thought they were the closest to being our peer. They were young and beautiful and every time they were described I got the feeling that the main character was far more in love with them than the monarch ever was.

We shared similar circumstances. I’d have liked the story of our friendship, but it was never going to be.

I agree with you about the Queen. I never really considered the comparison between Catherine the Great and her, but I can see why you mention it. I just liked her as a strong, powerful woman, unashamed of her sexuality, ruling the country in her own ruthless fashion. I don’t think any of her traits were that masculine. I felt she read better as female.

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@FairyGodfeather Really, it’s a shame they didn’t appear in the second game, where you’d be somewhat well enough established to befriend them as a superior, yet also still be prone to the risk of being a passing fancy, - and then, with there being enough time left over for you to properly cultivate them as a minion.

I believe I’ve already stated elsewhere that the denial of a de Mendosa route from the first game was balderdash.

And funnily enough, - with regards to the Queen and de Mendosa (I never played through with Torres), - I agree with @FairyGodfeather that those characters work very well as females. The reasons for the latter character are rather self-evident, due to her idealistic, whimsical, and emotional persuasion, but with the Queen, I think the masculine element which runs throughout makes her a more interesting character, through the contrast; Clytemnestra and Medea could both be ruthless bitches in a similar manner to Augustina, the Queen simply came with an added streak of fickle egoism, and narcissistic rage.

Problem is, that despite the main love interests working better as females, the PC was also written as a female, which rather scuppers the whole dynamic.

@Drazen yeah you are right i play like lesbian for that reason. Im don’t care play like lesbian. I feel like pc like men strange no idea why. I don’t like queen as a male seem to bully.

@Jackrabbit Having a male vibe is not the same thing as being macho. I’m fine with women being the active, dominant parties. That part of the Queen’s personality I wouldn’t want changed. Nevertheless, for the most part the “love interests” are androgenously bland, and every so often they behave in a way that gives them a male vibe, like when Augustina -effortlessly- picks your character up off the balcony and sets him on the ground, or when Gabriela acts or sounds like a high school male with a hard-on who is clumsily trying to get into your pants. It’s not that women can’t be forward, it’s that when they are, the vibe is a bit different.

I suppose it all boils down to whether or not you believe men and women are -exactly- the same aside from a bit of plumbing. In my experience they’re not. Women aren’t just men with breasts. There’s also the connected issue of whether or not you the player find androgeny attractive. I don’t, so the romances fall a bit flat for me.

@Mistlequill: Agustina was never a good person, no. She’s Henry VIII, and hints of what a jackass she is are there way back in Choice of Romance, where she’ll dispose of Esteban the moment you give her an excuse, and where she’ll sexually harass you if you turn her down for another partner.

@FairyGodfeather: Yeah, it always egged me a bit when the narrative assumed you’d have a problem with Adelita. I mean, the monarch screwing around simply doesn’t hurt your position; you have status and connections in the Court, and likely the Monarch’s affection if not her fidelity, so it was a nice touch when you could just ignore the Lucia affair as unworthy of your interest.

Hah, I didn’t find Adelita threatening either. Instead of breaking into tears, throwing a hissy fit, or simply pretending nothing was happening, I wish we could have instead asked Augustina if she’d like to feel both our hands and lips on her body at the same time… Call it the menage-a-trois option.

@P_Tigras Damnably degenerate though it may be, it could have both removed a threat (by removing the concern), and increased your standing somewhat in the monarchs eyes (although, it would contradict any earlier stances you’d made on your respectability).

Strange that it wasn’t included, really, since the game didn’t have much more than a few allusions to sexual morality.