Opinion on Choice of Intrigues?

Hey all, I just realized that Choice of Intrigues is up on the site. (Play by starting Choice of Romance, there’s an option to load a save game or use a password to go directly to Choice of Intrigues.)

I spent some time trying to get the different endings and experimenting and found the game to be quite fun, even if it seemed shorter than Choice of Romance. In my opinion, the game was very different from Choice of Romance. Instead of the fairytale-esque type romance, you become a player in a court intrigue.

The game’s biggest flaw seems to be its length. It seems short compared to Choice of Romance and the way it ends with a cliffhanger ending makes it seem incomplete. Still, it does redeem itself with the intriguing plot.

What is your opinion of Choice of Intrigues?

My opinion is much the same as yours. I disliked the fairy tale feeling for choice of romance, but I loved choice of intrigue for it’s great emphasis on how many ways things can go wrong and stuff.

Rather enjoying it. I find Juanita extremely interesting since she keeps fluctuating between sympathetic and jerktastic, but given how Choice of Romance can turn out (I disagree entirely on the ‘fairy tale’ bit, most of your choices lead to a dark ending) I suppose you could say that of the protagonist as well.

It kind of irritates me that no matter how hard you push for peace in the first game, Sahra goes ahead and screws things up anyway, but it does push the plot along so it’s not like I’m missing the point, just a little miffed that it seems my machinations from earlier seem to have absolutely no effect.

I didn’t play around with it much (only once, I think…)
But I do like it. I have to keep trying for different endings though.

@Querida, on one of my go-throughs I noticed that if you specialize in magic, you can duel with Ramirez and force him to give you the life-mage child potion. When I played that way, I had to defeat Ramirez in a duel, make him believe I would kill him if he didn’t give me the potion, and then NOT kill him–when I killed him after he gave me the potion, the potion didn’t work and I got another Death Mage child.

I go on like this because I was also upset about having to kill Felix/his daughter, so there is another way. :slight_smile:

@Querida tveldore’s right, with high magic you can attack Ramirez and threaten him for the potion (just don’t kill him before he can give it to you or after he does). It was how I managed to get the life mage child, though I can’t help but wonder if there was an element of chance to it.

I absolutely loved Choice of Romance and replayed it about a million times. Starting off in Choice of Intrigues, I started to wonder how many of the endings I had actually achieved and how each one would affect game play in CoI. So I’m being really OCD and suggesting that we create a master list of the various endings, first for CoR and eventually for CoI. Spoilers are obviously a concern but I think it would be really helpful for players to be able to check the endings they’ve discovered against others and then try and find out how to get the ones they missed. Particularly since CoI seems to build upon choices made in Part 1, I want to be able to try all sorts of different options.

So here is my list of endings achieved in Part 1, CoR: *SPOILERS!!!**SPOILERS!!!

End up alone- married off to the awful guy back home
Marry the rich guy- love match?
Marry the rich guy- just for the money
Marry the rich guy- king’s mistress
Pursuing the king- either kill or discredit the queen (successfully)
Pursuing the king (failed)- execution
Pursuing the king ( failed)- exile
Pursuing de Mendoza- marriage (stay true)
Pursuing de Mendoza (still after the king) will result in broken engagement?

Please add on to this list and let’s get one going for CoI!!!

So, are there any other options for Choice of Intrigues? I haven’t been able to find game code for any other parts but the very first one. I like to know how it all can work out!