Does this have to be about romance?


Im not much for romantic storys is there a way to go through the story without needing to do anything romantic? I know this just sounds insane -_- but ive just been overlooking this and well I need something new to read.


I found that it was more about politics and scheming than it was actually about romance. While you are expected to end up in a relationship with someone, I think Choice of Intrigues may be the better title. You lose nothing by trying it out to see if you like it though.


The simple solution is to not think of your character as being romantically motivated. Although, thinking of your character whoring themselves out for political gain has problems of its own…


Another way to look at it is that your family has fallen on hard times and is strapped for cash, so you are expected to sacrifice yourself to advance your family. The sacrifice entails accepting a marriage proposal from someone of wealth and status within the single season that your Uncle is able to pay your expenses at court. If you don’t, then you’ll be sold to some smelly old person with grown children older than you are for quick cash and you’ll end up penniless and destitute when they die since their children will inherit everything. So you need to find some suitors, make them interested without seeming a whore, get them to propose to you within a single season, and then pick the best of the bunch. Of course if a suitor is really wealthy and powerful, but unfortunately married, there’s also the possibility of becoming a “mistress” at some significant cost to your reputation.

I’m making it sound like there are numerous choices, but there really aren’t. Only one suitor choice keeps the game going, the rest all cause the game to end fairly quickly and do not continue on into the sequels. FairyGodfeather is absolutely right, Choice of Intrigues is a much better name for what occurs in the game than Choice of Romance.


I do hope that once they’re done with Crowns, they’ll create games for the de Mendosa and Torres paths.


Those would have been interesting. The Mendosa path ends the game prematurely, but it does have a happier ending than the Torres one. My character never can go down the Mendosa path, since she she is too devoted to her familial duty to marry well and reverse the failing fortune to commit to someone like him with nothing to offer.

Honestly, the first time I played through, I went the Torres route and rejected Agustin entirely, trying to be dutiful and virtuous. Of course, that only earns an ending where you live comfortably but unhappily. I learned my lesson after that and subsequently played as a shrewd, calculating intriguant who can take some short-term damage to her reputation for long-term gain. Besides, you can recoup most of the loss to your reputation by the end of Choice of Intrigues. Just one more boost in Choice of Crowns, and it will be back up to 90 or so.


I tired it and it seems interesting so far im definitely going to continue with it.