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I had a lot of fun playing both deathless games. I’ve also read the Craft Sequence series—which takes place in the same world. And the City’s Thirst ties in to the series A LOT more than the first game. I loved it cause there was so many cameos and this explains the history of so many characters. I was just wondering what the experience was like for people who haven’t read the series?
And also, if you did read the series, I would love to talk to someone about the shit that went down in the game.

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I have not read the series - I enjoyed this second installment better than the first because I felt the story built stood on its own better than the first. In the first story, I felt I was missing things that those who had prior knowledge of the world explored in the story would get.

I also liked that the second story had a main character I felt I could identify with better.

One thing I found frustrating about the game was ‘doing the right thing is destroying my city!’ Then again, that reflects how hard your decisions are, for the greater good or for your city. To actually be successful in your career of water management you have to be downright ruthless.

Chen romance all the way, hostile RI’s are always the ones to go for. Chen ran away to start a new job when shit hit the fan so I joined her.

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I think the first one was better, Jess was interesting though.
I enjoyed this but Mostly I end up dying from a nightmare, how do you avoid that?

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Forgive yourself always works for me.

Yeah. I felt like the protagonist from the City’s Thirst was a lot more developed as character than the first.

The issue of limited resources can be frustrating when you’re working for a specific goal, but I found it to be an interesting part of the story. You can’t really please everyone. To be fair, with the right choices, you can be pretty balanced until you’re near the end.

I helped the 'Kind and the town that was at risk of being flooded without sacrificing the city (although my protagonist had huge qualms about helping the old gods due to the War), and it ultimately comes down to choosing between the farmers and the city in the end. What I liked is that it’s not black and white; people get hurt either way.

Really liked the story and the multiple options presented to you to make difference choices. Also romanced Chen. I played as someone who lost his arm, threw himself into the Craft, was focused on his job and tried to help people when he could, was able to see the beauty in where the 'Kind lived and respected them despite how different they were. He did end up committing murder and took advantage of the situation to get ahead.

The Deathless games are really good (and the first was the second Choice of Games story I played, after Dragon). I relate to the first story because I’m a paralegal and I’ve dealt with a lot of those things - the colleague who is nice to you, the people with a small bit of power who try to backstab you to get ahead, and dealing with a lot of paperwork that you need to sort through for a case.

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