Deathless: The City's Thirst (Problem with Chrome version)

Shortly after the “flood” scene, I get this:

Yeah, I’ve got the same problem.

It should be right at the beginning of chapter 06.
I tried restarting the game twice, deinstalled and reinstalled it again, but nothing works.

Hope someone fixes this soon.

Yep, I’ve also got this.



We’ll get on it tonight/tomorrow. Sorry for the bug! Feel free to email me receipts and I’ll comp you webstore versions.

Um… what? What does that mean?

Try it now, v1.0.1. I just pushed it.

@jjcb “Murgenfyrgen” is the sort of thing I/one say/s (or type/s) when trying not to curse explicitly.

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Yep, it’s fixed! Great work, wonderful game!

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