Deathless: City's Thirst No Next Button

Hi guys. I ran out of options. I have never experienced this no next button issue. I already tried reinstalling the game, and many times at that. I have no idea on how to proceed. Can someone help me out?

This issue consistently occurs on the part where Doc was killed and In the middle of the night after my investigation, the golem tried to kill Verity. After that I have the option to either ride with Verity, stay with Jess, and go with Bachuemer. Any option I pick, it always results to that.

Thank you!

This sounds like a serious bug. Have you reported this to Choice Of Games using the support AT choiceofgames DOT com e-mail address already? Please also mention which version of the game you have and on which software the device you’re using runs.

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What OS are you on?