Deathless: City's Thirst (achievements?)

I have played this game 3 times now…how the hell do you get “Raise My Head and Watch the Moon” achievement? Is it an ending?

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It’s actually quite easy. I hope I describe this well enough.

First, at the party, you have to protect the 'Kind delegations to avoid war. Then after that when you were sent to negotiate a treaty with the 'Kind, try to get on Kopil’s good side. You’ll get the choice to talk to him while he seem distracted. I’m not sure what is the threshold but I got this choice when his relationship was at 51%. When you talked, chose the choice to say nothing and you’ll get the achievement! I usually get on his good side by offering to use my blood for the ceremony, go with Verity to inform him about the 'Kind gods, and suggest him to beat them.

Alternatively: Destroy the 'Kind delegations, cause a war, then when you talk poetry with him you’ll get Lower My Head and Think of Home.


I’ve played this game again and again but I still can’t get Give Me Water, Sustainable Development, and Find Peace. Anyone knows how? (sobs)

edit: nvm, got it. If anyone wanna knows how feel free to ask me!

So, how do you get those achievements? For that matter, I can only seem to solve the unmarked corpse mystery. Any idea how to solve the body in the bathtub and locked room mysteries?

Here’s how I get them- there are probably lots of alternative way to get them but this is what I know so far. This is soooo long I apologize I have no idea how to make all of this brief enough.

Give Me Water: Dresediel Lex Water Supply has to be at least at 50%. There are lots of way to secure water but it could be tricky. What I did is save the north valley deal, destroy the scorpionkind forever, save the fields (It is possible to save both the fields and the town at the same time! get you both cheevs) and always work in my downtime.

Sustainable Development: Dresediel Lex Water Supply has to be at least at 50% AND Carver Valley has to be saved. I’ve already said how to get water above, so here’s how to save Carver Valley.

After Doc died, there will be choices as to how you’ll investigate the conspiracy, pick choices that you have high stats in, and if you did it right your character should know what is going on. After that you’ll get the choices to face The Conspirator, King in Red, or Leave Town. If you face The Conspirator and your character know everything that’s going on, they’ll offer you a deal right away. But if you don’t know everything you have to threaten them, like before, threaten with what you have high stats in (If you knows who murdered Doc that helped too) If you succeed they’ll offer you a deal, turn them down, tell them you want to save Carver Valley and towards the end if DL water is at 50%+ you’ll get this cheevo!

Or, if you choose to come to Kopil, you gotta make a threat. If you succeed he’ll let you lead his pet project, tell him you’ll do it for Carver Valley and it’ll be saved.

Find Peace: THIS ONE IS REALLY HARD. IT TOOK ME LIKE 20 HOURS TO FIND PEACE. I LITERALLY COULD NOT FIND PEACE UNTIL I GET IT. The key is to keep your Trauma stat really low. I’m not exactly sure how low yet, but I ended the game with 30% trauma and still didn’t get it!! I finally get it twice when my trauma was at 16% and 21%, so I’d guess it has to be lower than at least 25%. It’s possible, but it’s frustrating. To keep your trauma low you need to chill, try not to wound yourself, and avoid using too much trauma stats. Attack the bugs delegates will increase your trauma, especially if you know Dunestrider. Failing to save the town/preserve the water will increase your trauma. Do try to save both. Being addicted to painkillers will increase your trauma. Kill Bahuemac will increase your trauma. SAYING THE DESERT IS BEAUTIFUL INCREASE YOUR TRAUMA. (I am furious) Here’s what I know that decrease your trauma-

Volunteer in your downtime, doing nice stuff for other ppl, this will increase your generosity a whole lot so be warned. On the train, tell Verity that the desert is creepy, trying to lighten Verity’s mood by some humor (or put your arm around her if you frick frack), then drink at the bar to let off steam. Talk with Red King and say the star is different here because there’s more horizon, or have sex with Verity (only decrease your trauma if you fancy women), or have sex with Mezatchul and tell her that ''This is awfully transactional". NOW (gosh this is long) Romance someone, open up to them about The Wars will decrease your trauma A WHOLE LOT. After that if you’re still not sure it’s low enough, leave town, choose to make a clear break from your old life. BE WARNED THAT facing The Conspirator won’t leave you a choice to leave DL and RKC if you know too much, go to Red King instead if that’s the case, then tell him you’re leaving when he offer you the deal. If you don’t do stuff that increase your trauma this should be… probably enough. Also! I already try to cheat by drinking 10000 cups of tea- didn’t work. Got wrecked in my dream. Might work in other circumstances… idk just don’t try, save your time.

To make it a bit easier, choose “I always wanted a nice scar” when you woke up at the beginning. That choice doesn’t increase your trauma unlike the others.

Funny but not so easy trick to decrease your trauma a whole lot at the start: Make your character like men, make sure your relationship with Verity is high enough (You came here because of Water, then show Jess the scene with Craft- that got me to 48%, I once got 51% so that’s possible too FYI but i’m afraid I can’t remember how) Then, save verity AND the deal. Talk to her at the campfire, tell her ‘‘Enough to listen’’ and she will kiss you, she’ll freeze up, starting to apologize. Tell her it’s okay she’s just not your type and you both will laugh about you two gayness- it’s very cute- and decrease your trauma to like 70+%!! It’s tricky tho to get her to kiss you. This is also how you get You Move Fast if you sleep with her instead.

OK, SO, THE MYSTERY: At that part of the story you’ll get one out of three mysteries, depend on your choices before of protecting the field or the town. This is only my guesses but- if you don’t save the town, you get body in bathtub, save the town get you locked room, I have no idea about unmarked corpse except that it’s not random. Now, all mysteries have different murderers. My tips for solving them: Pay attention to the aftermath and the news. Investigate the parlor, ask people about what you found. I’d recommend you to watch the suspect first thing first when you found Doc’s body, because you can pick other choices later but that one can only be picked at that part. it also tell you a lot about how each person react to the murder, which helps. Then searching their rooms at night, there’ll be suspects who didn’t let you search their room/themselves during the day so this will reveal a lot of clues. You can still do this even after you frick frack with your loved one.

Or if you just want to know Who Done It.
Locked Room: Verity gasp .
Body in the bathtub: Jess. gasp louder
Unmarked corpse: Bahuemac. not surprised tbh


I have a question about the game, but it has nothing to so with the achievements. Should I ask it here or open a new thread?

Is there a way to not die in the nightmare? Cause I can’t seem to find a way. Maybe my stars aren’t high enough?

If your trauma is too high you won’t be able to escape from the nightmare, no matter what option you choose. Try to keep it low!

I can’t seem to earn any of the relationship achievements. Can anyone tell me how?

I feel dumb I can’t find all the mysteries or sleeps the reporter…

I’ve only got three achievements left which I can’t seem to get-
Lower my head and think of home… ivetried starting the war a few ways, I though, but.nope
Find peace- probably just have to work that one down
Whoah there! Can’t seem to figure out how to get that close to Jess that quickly
Any ideas

You have to take him with you to report on the kind delegation, you have to give him an interview, then at the dam site, create a distraction so he can report… if you’re not involved with another character too heavily, he should join you in the private cabin on the train… I’m just going by memory.

For “Whoa there” you should choose that the reason you came is your friend, use your blood for craft if you decided to use craft, ‘don’t know if it is a must but i alwaupys trapped the scorpion kind so i don’t know the effect of killing it later on jess’s way’ ,when you wake up you should thank them for saving you and not spy on them, then you should appeal to their compassion,tell him you lost many friends at war but one sticks with you,then choose people are different and it only tells me more about you,thank him for trying to help,tell him that he cares alot about the north valley,tell him you don’t know what you will find but will think of something,take him with you going in,trade the scorpion kind for verity then stop her when she tries to attack, while setting around the fire ask him if ut was woth it to betray your people,then kiss him then things will develop.

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Am I the only one who thinks that Sustainable Development excessively privileges the Carver Valley dudes? It inherently favors screwing over the Scorpionkind, and to a lesser extent the farmers - the theme of this game is that there isn’t enough for everyone and someone’s gonna take it in the shorts.

Can someone tell me how to unlock the “you move fast” achievement with verity?!
I can’t get it no matter what i tried.

Choose to come for water, show Jess the scene with Craft, don’t use the hostage and try to take the briefcase after you save her. You’ll get out and when Verity is about to celebrate, choose to join her, choose “Enough to Listen” and kiss her back… and more


I’ve been trying that but it doesn’t seem to work- like after your rescue her it just shifts to you going back to the City. Are there specific options you need to choose for what you do in the Cave/have Jess doing?

You need to succeed rescuing her, if you don’t get the briefcase/she’s wounded you won’t get the celebrate scene. Your relationship with her have to be high enough, (you could easily achieve that by doing what @Jjcb did) If it’s not high enough she won’t kiss you. I always make Jess stay back and prepare the escape but I don’t know that’s relevant. I’d guess not.

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Hi @Anya_A can you tell me how you managed to save both the fields and the town? I only got this result about twice and even then, it seemed very random.

Of course! The obvious choice is not to betray anyone, Farmers or Ostrakov, because that will cause one of them to fail. I’d guess there’s some random factor at play, but I always succeed in saving both when I stick to one side only (although I do succeed more when I sided with Ostrakov for some reasons, stats maybe?), using your effort to support one side and don’t try to sabotage the other.(Example, examine craft to help Ostrakov instead of help evacuate the farmers, since that choice would decrease farmers’ chance of saving the town.) Encourage cooperation between both sides also help as well. When choose what to do to help, choose the choices that use your highest stats, you will succeed in those choices which will increase the effort to save the town/damn. I hope this help!