Deathless: City's Thirst (achievements?)

Definitely open up a new thread. :slight_smile: I love this game, and I’d love to read more about it.

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To add to the discussion and in case it’ll be useful for people here, both times that I successfully saved both the fields and the town, I had high stats in Charm and Craft (trauma stat in Craft) and I chose helping Temac organized the townfolks, then continued helping the farmers. When the dam broke, I chose joining the gods’ chant.

Here’s the thing: I’m one of those pesky players who reset a lot when things don’t go my way (ragequitted?) and I found out that if I choose these choices with the same stats, I save the town every time but the fields’ fate left to Ostrakov is about 50/50. Most of the time, Ostrakov’s shield breaks, and I have to restart to try again. So … there’s an element of unpredictability involved, maybe? Gah! This is infuriating (still fun!) lol!

Things get harder with another play with high points in Cunning and Craft (trauma stat in Cunning), here nothing seems to work! Either I lost the fields or the town, just can’t have the nice things.

Any tips on how to get the Lone Rider achievement with Jess? Constantly talking to/confiding in him and totally saving the valley didn’t seem to get me anywhere

I’m trying very hard to get FIND PEACE. I followed all the steps, and manage to get trauma to less than 50. But after that I loose much on how to deal with Jones, and on negotiations (whatever I choose, my trauma goes up, it just the matter of how much. And sometimes after the murder case, even if I solve it I raise trauma. All the ideas here was very helpfull but only untill a half of the game.

LONE RIDER seems bugged to me. I had no problem to build relationship with Verity, but no luck with Jess even when I do all the stuff to make her/him like me and finnish game with around 84% but no relationship.

Personal Growth is a mystery to me. Dont know what it even means.

You have to save the town in order to get Jess. Have you done that?

To get Personal Growth you have to… uh, how should I say? Experimenting outside your comfort zone. For example, if you established your character as straight, but then later decide to try having sex with Jones, you’ll get the cheevo. Be warned tho, ‘experimental’ sex won’t decrease your trauma. (Actually, having sex with Jones in general doesn’t decrease your trauma, since it is very… you know. But having sex with other people usually decrease it, except it’s ‘experimental’ sex like I said.)

FIND PEACE is really tricky. [spoiler] But I’m not sure which part are you talking about, the negotiations at the very beginning of the game, or when you’re sent to negotiate a treaty? And which part of dealing with Jones? At the beginning, or after you deal with the dam? I might be able to help you if I know.

But for now, the murder case, I’m confused too tbh since it never increase my trauma from solving it (unless I killed Bahuemac) Did you die in the nightmare? Or were you wounded? If you’re wounded, no matter you choose to heal by your own or stay at the hospital, it’ll increase your trauma. ESPECIALLY if you choose to stay at the hospital, that increase a lot of trauma. [/spoiler]

LONE RIDER Did you open up to Jess about your past? I once chose ‘‘I like you’’ instead of talking to Jess and it didn’t give me the achievement. You should save the town too, siding with the farmers and successfully save the town gives you a special romance scene with Jess.


I’ve did that, and we kissed, but still she wouldn’t asked me to go out :smile:

please tell me how to blur spoilers so I will try to be more specific :slight_smile:

Put [ spoiler] (minus the space) at the beginning at every paragraph or part of a sentence you want to hide, and [/spoiler] at the end of it.

Personal Growth - I did It, thank you. I couldn’t because I was always playing as bisexual, It can be done with Verity also - I did it as gay male

Lone Rider - The important choices for Jess I did were: arrange a duel, appeal to compassion, “sounds like the place”, thank for trying to help, “great deal about NV”, go to duel, take her with me, save Verity and stop her, “betray my own?”, kiss her, that makes 61%. Then at party talk to Jess, “why I spent time on desert?” 67%, trade letters, 70%, try to make Jess to visit 73%, “How’s doc?..?” 75%, “Great idea, I can help” 77%, join Temoc 79%, save farms 85 and after kiss it is 86%, And after that nothing more, solve the case, save farms, invite Jess, the end, no relationship. What I’m doing wrong?

Find Peace - until the party I can minimalize trauma, the way you suggest, with saving Verity and the deal and not to have sex. But after a party there is an encounter with Jones, and whatever I do my trauma goes up; Same when negotiating the treaty, I tried to spare them, to help destroy them, always get trauma it is soometimes 7, sometimes 9 points; Murder case, no death in dream since trauma is already low, but maybe I was wounded maybe “experimental” sex was the problem. What else can reduce or rise traume at the end of the game?

Lone Rider: Ohhh, did you go to Jess room at night while solving the case? That’s where you lock in the relationship. If your relationship is high enough Jess will have something to tell you (instead of just normal sex scene) and you’ll get a chance to have a relationship with Jess.

Find Peace: [spoiler] I’m not sure if this is the case, but these might be the reasons why your trauma increase. Sometimes, pick the wrong choices don’t make you ‘fail’, you still have a chance to succeed, but it’ll wound you afterward because your stat is not high enough to pass the stat check. Example: You picked the choice to stop the ambush with craftwork, you succeed but your craft is not high enough, so you get wounded afterward. Try to pick choices based on your stats and avoid getting wounded. If you’re not wounded you should not be getting the hospital scene.

At the end of the game, choosing to leave Dresediel Lex reduce your trauma. But before that, you can also telling your RO about your past, which reduce trauma a whole lot. (Visiting them at night while solving the case, if you have high enough relationship there should be a choice to tell them.) Doing charity works on your free time helps too. (sorry if I mentioned that already.) [/spoiler]

Thank you. I’ve got Lone Rider. The reason I couldn’t was that during the night at murder case, I’ve always said “you are beautiful” instead of “nothing to be ashamed of” . Hope this, and my previous detailed post will help others, who have problem with that :wink:

Still no luck with PEACE. Hardest achievement from all 6 COG games I’ve played so far.

Could dying in the nightmare (and therefore cannot Find Peace) be related to the amount of souls you have? If you plunder your savings until you reach negative number, you’ll die in the nightmare no matter which decision you make… Is this possible?

Can anyone please tell me how to cave verity and the deal. I try the things mentioned here but i can’t do it.

Save them both? Make sure your Craft is at least 45 and don’t use the hostage when talking to the Scorpionkind’.

Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I’m still stuck on the “Raise/Lower My Head” achievements. I just can’t seem to get Kopil’s approval high enough to talk to him in Corehive. Does anyone know what options to pick to unlock chatting with him? I assume his approval has to be at 50% or something, since I think I got up to 46% once and I STILL couldn’t approach him. These are the only two achievements I have left. Please help!

Also, if you’re struggling on lowering your trauma, I discovered that if you spam “Make tea” during the murder investigation at night, it lowers your trauma percentage a little bit each time. I was able to get down to 19% and earn “Find Peace.” Really helpful :slight_smile:

Can’t believe it’s been six months! Time flies fast…

Have you tried offering to shed your blood for him? I always chose that and the option to talk to him always popped up. I’ll try to play through the game and see what choices will get his approval high once I get the chance. (I can’t remember other options lol)

Edit: Done! Choose “I’ll do it” when Kopil is asked to shed his blood. Inform him about the pool with Verity. Then tell him “Use it to beat them.” that should get you at 53%!

It worked. Thank you kindly! :smile:

We understand each other… achievement guide???

I still cant save verity and get the briefcase can anyone give a step by step

For achievements, I was wondering if it’s possible to romance the King in Red? I’ve tried a few times but it seems really hard to decide what kind of personality works on him :pensive::pensive: