Game Achievements? (Possible spoilers)

So, with this last update to the iPhone version of Choice of Vampire (Part I, obviously), there are now “achievements” synched up with the Game Center interface. Looking at the game code and comparing it to the possible achievements listed in Game Center, there appears to be some discrepancy.

According to Game Center, the following achievements are possible (SPOILERS):

  1. Architect- You designed your dream plantation
  2. Balladeer- You composed a ballad
  3. Blood of the Loa- You fed on Marie Laveau, Voodo Queen of New Orleans
  4. Blood of the Marshal- You fed on Peter Duplessis, District Marshall for the Territory of Orleans
  5. Blood of the President- You fed on Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy
  6. Cannibal- You drank the heartsblood of another vampire
  7. Charmed, I’m sure . . . - Have Samantha Withers teach you the finer points of Charm
  8. Compass and Ruler- You joined the heresy of the Freemasons
  9. Edward- You chose to only feed from animals
  10. For Your Loyalty . . . - Turn Wilson Maddox into a vampire
  11. From the Ashes- You joined the Klu Klux Klan
  12. Governor’s Favor- Earn the favor of a governor
  13. Hector Reborn- You fell in love with Silas Hope
  14. Homecoming- You reclaimed your childhood home
  15. Initiate- You have begun your investigation of the Children of Abraham
  16. Kablooey!- Let the depot explode
  17. Liar! - Fill Cecil Lynch’s head with nonsense
  18. No Restraint- You slew another vampire
  19. Patricidaire- You slew your maker
  20. Pied Piper- You led the muskrats to slaughter
  21. Virtuoso- You dazzled Governor Overstreet with your musical skills
  22. Weaver- You fell in love with Clotho
  23. [There are supposedly 23 Achievements, but there is no 23rd listed]
    Also, the symbols for some of the achievements are gold and others are silver. Does this have to do with anything within the game?

There is code in the game for another achievement, Fed From General Forrest, but this does not show up in the Game Center list (perhaps this is the missing 23rd one and it only unlocks when you have achieved it?):
*if feeding_style = “Soldiers”
#“You know, I’d really like to meet with General Forrest, if he has a minute.” After all, you do have an affection for the blood of soldiers.
*set fed_from_forrest true
*achieve fedonforrest You fed from Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Two of the achievements from the Game Center List (Governor’s Favor and Liar!) do not appear to have any code within the game itself. This makes sense because I have been utterly incapable of achieving them, even when I please Governor Overstreet and mislead Cecil Lynch about the Three Rules . :frowning:

I should have received the Kablooey! achievement, but I have not, no matter how many different times or ways I blow up the depot (helping Calkins outright, just barricading him inside, etc.).

And finally, no matter what I do, I cannot seen to get to Charmed, I’m Sure and have Samantha Withers teach me about charm. Can someone explain how to do this?

Any clarification about any of these things would be much appreciated. Having the achievements listed brings out my competitive nature! :smiley:


And also: the point in the game where you used to be able to make a choice regarding Wilson (turn him, kill him, release him from service etc.) has not been accessible multiple times. Now the game just skips right to entering Memphis. This makes the “For Your Service” achievement also unattainable.

Charmed, I’m Sure… is done near the end of the game. After the siege of Vicksburg lifts you have the option of turning Wilson into a vampire. Don’t. Then, the next time you see him it turns out Withers turned him. You will have an option to demand recompense from her. However, you need to be able to know English and be literate, or these are the only options available.

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@timelady945 Thanks for catching that! The next patch will have code for liar and governorsfavor.

Also, some of the achievements are hidden until you achieve them, which is why Game Center’s info doesn’t add up.

@timelady945: You can definitely get the Charm option if you don’t know English (at least with the free version hosted online), as I did that in my last play through. From what I remember of the scripting you should still get the Charm option if you are illiterate as well.

However, you /do/ have to have Charm=3 (exactly – no more and no less) to get the option.

@SamuraiMantis: As mentioned above, my game has repeatedly skipped the section where I used to have the option of turning Wilson. Now I go straight from the depot blowing up/or not blowing up, to the arrival in Memphis. In other words, it completely skips the entire Vicksburg denouement.

So, @mreed, I can’t get the charm option even when I have had exactly 3 charm, because the section where I’d have the chance to ask Withers is just GONE.

@jasonstevanhill: Thank you!

Why would the game be skipping the entire Vicksburg deneument section? This has happened with a variety of different characters, various relationships (close to Withers/not, falling in love with Silas/not, helping to blow up the depot/not).

And why does the Kablooey! achievement keep not coming up, after I have blown up the depot? Again, this has happened multiple times and whether I actually help Calkins or just barricade him inside, etc.

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@jasonstevanhill: With the update that came out this afternoon, the skipping of the Vickburg denouement is fixed! Yay! So now I was able to get the Kablooey, Charmed, and Turning Wilson achievements.

The Governor’s Favor and Liar achievements were not incorporated into the update, correct?

I keep being unable to feed from General Forrest, despite being at the party with soldiers as preferred prey, either as a southern man or woman, talking to Mrs Forrest or as a man in the library or with the women in the party. I cannot access the option to talk to the General and then feed from him.


Which origin is necessary to reclaim your childhood home? I haven’t managed that yet-or feeding on Jefferson Davies! ^^

During the party, I was talking to Mrs. Forrest as a southern woman and had the option of asking for an introduction to the General. Then I fed on him. :slight_smile: But this only happened to me during my last play-through. Before, I’d never encountered that particular option, either.

You need to be German in order to reclaim your childhood home (try as a female with the last name of Engels).


Okay, so recent update made the Liar achievement available, but I didn’t get the Governor’s Favor achievement, despite impressing Overstreet.

Does anyone have a link as to how to code an Achievement? I’ve searched the wiki and come up dry on the specifics/walk-through.

Check the last few posts out here:

And perhaps talk to @Lucid or @Cataphrak about it?

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@CJW -Thanks. I read those posts. Very helpful.

A thought; an event can occur in multiple places and I’d prefer to encode the achievement at chapter’s end in a single *if statement such as below.

*if bear_encounter_outcome =2
*achieve killed_the_bear Killed the bear

Are achievements displayed during a given game? I wouldn’t want to confuse the player with a late pop-up banner because I coded it in at the end of the chapter, but I would prefer to keep the overall coding to a minimum. Also, save points and respawns could figure in as to the timing of tripping achievements.

These are some of the things I’d like to figure out before I put achievements in.

From my experience they tend to pop up in a small alertify box at the bottom of the screen when you get them.

@CJW - That clarifies things. Thank you, After I get back from my vacation, I am going to look into adding achievements to ‘Marine Raider’ and ‘Apex Patrol’. Of the two, ‘Apex Patrol’ will be far more difficult and I’ll have to be careful where and when the achievements are triggered.

I have a question. How to get:

  1. Architect
  2. Blood of President
  3. Compass and Ruler
  4. Governors Favor
  5. Homecoming
  6. Initiate
  7. Other hidden achievements
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(Sorry to bump the thread, but I’d like to point out that you don’t have to have the last name of Engels. Elsa Noth, for example, works just fine.)

Anyone know how to get the Edward achievement??? Anytime I get the chance to say animals it makes me claim I’m lying. Is it a willpower thing? Did I make the wrong choice somewhere?

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