Saga of the North Wind Bugs (Potential Spoilers)

Hi. First I want to say that the game is fantastic and feels much longer and more in depth than a lot of other recent CoG games.

That out of the way, the game has some issues. Most I think are actually intentional features in an RNG sense. There is one however that feels distinctly as a bug. In the city (Almsen’s Landing or however it was spelled) I’ve entered in two ways. The second one was by being captured by slavers and the aunt was let free, yet when I earned my freedom the aunt showed up with the same text as when I let her get captured. In both it treated me as having not been a slave (even though the second time I had to fight for my freedom) and her as being one (despite her being free in the second play-through) which seems distinctly as it shouldn’t be.

Just wanted to start a topic for bugs and I hope the author sees this.

If it’s in the wrong place, I apologize. I’m kind of new to actually using the forums.

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Hi! Thanks for the report.

I don’t suppose you could send some screenshots to support AT choiceofgames? Tom (the author) might show up also and ask for more specifics.


Hi there Serban, glad you’re enjoying the game! (I’m the author).

I think I might know the issue. When you were released from the arena, and Utrio offered you a drink, did you choose one of the drinks, or did you refuse to drink?

It looks like there’s a bug where, if you refuse to drink, and then get captured later on in the palace, you’re routed to text that assumes you let your aunt get captured back in Blightmarsh.


Heya Tom. That’s the one. I refused the drink (because prior experience and all that XD) and then tried to run back into Utrio’s room when the guards showed up. Then yes, I got that screen where it assumed I let auntie dearest, may the gods have no mercy on her wretched soul, get captured.

Not really a bug here, but…jeez. I love the concept, the basic storyline, the setting, everything like that. But the nature of the mechanical design of the game, from what I can see in the first three chapters, has me perturbed.

Consider: Essentially every stat in the game appears to be ‘opposed’ - either directly implemented as such, or effectively coded as such. Specifically, ‘skill gains’ look like:

*set survival %+10
*set dominance %-10

On average, therefore, there is no skill advancement. Indeed, given the ambiguity of the skill effects that come from your choices, it can be difficult even to reliably favor one skill and keep it high relative to others. (Would you reasonably have expected those changes to come from “Ask for news of the battle?”)

Why, then, given that skills do not improve, do skill targets increase? Up to 65 at chapter 8? Hell, I was largely favoring a diplomatic approach, which meant that even by chapter 3 I had all other skills below 50. By the nature of the balancing act here, even keeping two skills “usable” would be increasingly untenable as one proceeds, given that those reductions hit harder the higher you are. Hell, unless you’re careful, you could easily end up unable to use any skills effectively. It’s crazy design - skills should not be opposed like this, at least not with an equal-and-opposite shift.


Ya I had the same issue.

And there’s lots of places where it wasnt super obvious what choice went with what stat. Fighting defensively seemed to rely on all three at various points and so sometimes I was failing sometimes I wasn’t.

My stats were all over the place and I didnt find that particularly enjoyable.