Thieves' Gambit: The Curse of the Black Cat

I’m thrilled to see that The Curse of the Black Cat’s finally been released. It was one of my favourite games to test. It’s such an awful lot of fun.

What does everyone else think?

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loved it hope that it will become a series with bigger heist and more than just one heist in each game.

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I bought my copy on Android, but I have yet to read it as I’m going for Divided We Fall first. It looks awesome, though!

I found a bug I think. I chose je ne sais quois as my first strength and technique as my second. My weakness was intellect. However, when I checked my stats, my technique was 30 instead of 60 and my intellect was still 50

Found the same bug as FadeDestiny above at the same spot, but with Stealth/Flash meter.

Also, I’m not entirely sure it’s a bug, but I didn’t see a percentage like this in any other Choice of Game:
Team Rapport: 66.66666666666667%

Happened after recruiting the hacker.

And an other one: in the steam version The Burgler achievement didn’t trigger at all.

Can you send us an email with these? support@choiceofgames

I liked it, but I’m still not sure whether to be annoyed with that plot twist or not. I get it from a narrative perspective, but I didn’t like it at all. Left a really bad taste in my mouth with the game.

A tad short too, and a lot of decisions felt like they didn’t have any real influence on the plot. Not the worst of CoG, but not the best.

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(Everyone else if you’ve not played the game please don’t read these spoilers. BTW it’s

 text stuff 
to include spoilers.

If we’re thinking of the same plot twist I thought that it was oh so typical of the genre. It was hinted at, and didn’t come completely out of the blue for me. By and large I loved it. I’ve not played the newest version of the game.

Grats on getting your game on the market Dana,

Loved the beta and just playing the full version through now.


I loved it. Its definitly one of my favorite game now and i agree that a serie would be awesome. I would definitly play all of them. It was short but satisfying. Overall i give it a 8/10.

Hey could someone help me out, can’t seem to recruit the con man guy, anyone managed it?

@Alexa_Nocolaou All good things come to s/he who waits. Be patient!

You can’t recruit him at the casino, but it’s not the last you’ll see of him. How you interact with him there does have an impact on future events.

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Ah ok, thanks so much :slight_smile:

Is it possible to stop Le Roux from trying to run off at the end ?

Hmm maybe we should start a spoilers thread although spoiler tags are good too…

Yes. It is possible to stop Le Roux running off. There’s a few endings available depending on who on your team trusts you, and who doesn’t. If I recall rightly, I think all of them have the chance to run off if you do things they object to. Le Roux, for instance, does not like if you use tactics involving violence and especially no killing.

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spoilers aren’t working for me for some reason.
EDIT: nvm, there we go!

What I’m referring to is Nick being the con-man the entire time. I appreciated that until he turned around and was like, “Come join me and leave your loser friends!” and then acts all hurt after he gets knocked out because I chose the rest of the group instead. That aside, having the MC afterwards act all remorseful about it also irked me. He’s a con man. Come on now. That much was expected.

It just didn’t feel very Bouchard-like. Maybe Nick for some reason was just playing the part of Bouchard, but for the supposed mastermind thief who’s always a step ahead of you, he went down like a sack of rocks with little to no effort whatsoever.

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Spoilers below! Do not read if you’ve not finished the game.

I thought that there was enough clues to Bouchard’s identity that it wasn’t completely out of the blue. At the same time it wasn’t so obvious that it stole the fun away form the reveal. Remember, you are the second greatest thief in the world. Of course you’re going to be able to defeat the greatest especially when he underestimates you so badly. Bouchard’s extremely overconfident. There’s a number of ways he can get away in that scene though. I didn’t play through enough while testing to see how likely they were to reach though. (I’d hoped one of the other testers did).

I seem to recall there are a bunch of different ways you can end, some with forgiving him, some with shooting him in the face, some where the two of you run off together. But I agree, I don’t think Bouchard was any more real an identity as Nick was.

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How the heck do i get a good ending with Bouchard, like RO ending. He always seem to either kick me on the face or curse me as i leave him behind. Ufff i have been playing to many times. HELP!

And @FairyGodfeather how do i shot him in his face because i think i deserv to do that after getting kicked in my face far to many times. …

Speaking of which I think I found something that may or may not be a bug and need confirmation on it.

After discovering Bouchard/Nick’s identity I chose to keep him in the dark about it but the next few pages seem to reference killing him instead.
Was he killed despite trying to keep him in the dark or was it unintentional?


After reading on a few pages, Nick is treated as alive again so its most assuredly a bug

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@CrossOver That sounds like a bug. Send a mail to choiceofgames with details of it.