Thieves' Gambit Ending Bugged (Spoilers)

The ending of Thieves’ Gambit, when played on a browser, seems pretty severely bugged. If you never figure out who Bouchard was, do the heist, beat him when he reveals himself, steal the Black Cat, and escape, everything is fine and the ending reflects all your choices.

If, however, you figure out who Bouchard is, things go off the rails. The first time my character figured it out, I teamed up with him to double-cross the rest of the crew. We stole the Black Cat, I shot Reg, and we left the rest of the team swearing revenge. Cut to the ending, where Bouchard is nowhere to be found and the rest of the team (sans Reg) shows up on my doorstep like nothing happened to plan the next job.

Even worse, the second time my character figured it out, I told the rest of the team at the next briefing and killed Bouchard. As a result, I failed to steal the Black Cat because I couldn’t crack the safe (fair enough, as I didn’t prioritize Technique), but then in the ending it said that Bouchard was still alive and had made off with the Black Cat…even though he took no part in the heist at all, being already dead.

Is anyone else having this problem, or just me? And is there any hope of fixing it, being as how the game is a few years old now?

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Oh. You too. And still? I hoped they fixed this mess already.
I played it a while ago and also got a bugged ending, though a bit different from yours: the MC romanced Nick, figured out who Bouchard was, we told the crew together, all went well, they agreed to cooperate, we stole the Black Cat (and a little something extra), Reg freaked out, Nick shot him in the foot, our youngest member got caught as we escaped, but me and Nick got away with the 2 remaining ladies. Cut to the epilogue, a-a-a-and… the hell? The MC is rich and owning an island, yet all alone, that young French guy is free and even came to see me along with Rania, there was no mention of Reg… well, let’s say I had to peek into the code to actually see the ending I was supposed to get.
Still a good game, but this bug sort of sours the impression.

The worst part is, I’m pretty sure it means there’s only one “real” romance option. Nick will either betray you during the heist, be killed by you (which appears to cause the heist to automatically fail because no one else can open the vault), or disappear from the bugged ending. Only Rania will actually end the game with you if you romance her.

Yeah, I think the only way I managed to have a romanced Nick with me in the epilogue, was when I didn’t tell anyone I knew Bouchard’s identity, teamed up with him after getting the diamond, and shot Reg.

That’s what I did the first time I played it, so it has been really grating when the ending was wrong in later playthroughs