A Study In Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight

Surprised there hasn’t been a thread for this yet, played the demo and really loved the fact you can basically be a steampunk version of John H Watson, one of my favorite characters in fiction, complete with being an awesome medical guy and crackshot and the leg wound. It really seems to capture the aspects of Homesian and Steampunk environments well. The only thing which confused me is why it needed to be using created empires when the capital is so clearly meant to be London. A steampunk style British Empire with the Prussians as the bad guys would have worked for me. Otherwise loved it, may well grab the full game.

(I also debate if being stuck as male only might bug some people but hey I was going with John Watson so no biggie for me.)


I was confused about why this wasn’t an official CoG but I guess it’s because the MC has to be male.


It did surprise me that the character had to be male even though it was a hosted game as there was no indication in the blurb like Sabres where you knew in advance you would need to be male. Though depending on the take being a female character might have meant a different experience. (I would have been Madame Vastra from Doctor Who, basically. :wink: )


I enjoy the game! Which is new for me, since I normally don’t like gender-locked MC. But this one is really fun. I just haven’t finish it yet because FINCH KEEP DYING. Please tell me there’s a way to save him?! I honestly don’t care about the prince at this point I just need Finch to be alive! I can’t progress in the game if he dies. sobs


Here’s a spoiler that might help you keep playing:

At least in my game, it was just like Sherlock Holmes’ fall to the death at Reichenbach Falls. Just because you saw Finch die doesn’t mean he isn’t going to show up a few years later with a lot of explaining to do…


Yep, figured that out after I gave up on replaying. I can’t believe he literally pulled a Sherlock on me, I knew he was inspired by Sherlock but jeSUS CHRIST. I was so tempted to punched him in the face. Thank you tho!


Not sure if this is the right place to post bugs, but I’ve encounter this bug twice. (First when I chose to become a light-eater and killed Finch, then second when I reunited with him) There’s no save point, just a blank space, so I can’t continue on part 4. :cry: I’m playing on my android.

It’s on PC, too. The Steam version, at least.

Which is a shame, because I really wanted to know what all was going to happen with Finch now that my character is a widowed ex-serial killer.

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Wait, how did you get that path?! It sounds so interesting- did you become a serial killer but then later joined Woodward when he offered you the job the second time?

Married Grace, stuck to the “nope, modern medicine will totally cure everything” logic because I thought my medicine stat might be able to pull it off, failed miserably, got angry and drained the guy who tried to kill me, then turned myself into Taggart when I got the option to turn myself in. He tries to reform you and make you into an acolyte, I let him reform me and ended up hunting down the Ripper with the rest of the Sun Temple smackdown squad.

I’d like to try for a second-chance romance with Finch, because his reactions during my initial romance made me feel like I’d kicked a very intelligent puppy, but I don’t know if he’s going to go for it. Because seriously, “Hi, I went crazy and started serial-killing criminals after you died” is a pretty good pickup line to run away from.


I hate double-posting, but I want to see if the really obvious solution that I’m smacking myself in the head for not thinking of before works for anyone else:

Exit the game. Reboot. (Hopefully) rejoice as the missing save-and-continue option pops up on the auto-saved end-of-chapter page.

It might still pop up the next time you’re at the end of part 3, though.

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Worked for me ! Agh, now I feel stupid for not trying that first!

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I don’t like gender-locked MC, especially male-locked MC, and I usually not even bother to try them but I might give it a try later thanks to your commentary and because I did like the other author’s works, once I’m done with the other games that are not male gender-locked. Too many good games to play, not enough hours to play them is quite a good dilemma though :wink:


I dont like genderlocked MC either, but if the game gives me a good enough reason I have no real problem with it. Lords of Aswick is one of my favorite games I bought here and with the vibe this game is going for, I can accept that choice. Only had the time to start the story, but right now I love what I read. Really looking forward to continue it later.


Played through the free demo and I really liked it. It’s very infortunate that I can’t afford to buy anything now, not even if it’s just 3 bucks…

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The game doesn’t really start that well :

"The air outside shakes with the sound of cannon, and the ground shakes with the heavy footfalls of steam-powered Vlaski and Mercian mechs. Within the prison walls, you can hear shouting voices and running feet, but none have reached this corridor.

Yet. " …shouldn’t that be “with the sound of a cannon” or “cannons”?

I think it can do with a good bit of proof reading still, it’s still littered with minor stuff like that

That’s the way it tended to be phrased in Victorian literature. See also Tennyson’s “The Charge of the Light Brigade” (“Cannon to right of them/Cannon to left of them/Cannon in front of them.”).

It may not always sound right to those of us in the 21st century (which may be why I always misremember the quote as “Cannon to the left of them,” etc., I had to double-check), but it’s not a typo.


Do we die either way if we become a light-eater, or is there a “good” “evil ending” where you take over the underworld?


Just tried it, and it doesn’t look like it. I wish I could look at the scripts to double-check, though.

One thing that kind of bugged me is that Taggart says this:

[spoiler]“I am glad for you,” he says, “that you have discovered where you belong. And I’m glad for us,” he adds with a smile, reaching to briefly lay his hands over yours, "that it turns out to be here. We’re the stronger for having you with us.

“I do not imagine this was an easy decision,” he goes on, "and I do not imagine this is an easy time for you. If you wish to discuss any part of this situation, my door is always open.[/spoiler]

even if you were brought in from being a light-eater, and didn’t have a choice in whether you were turned back to the Government

Taggart doesn’t sound like the kind of person who would bullshit you by pretending that you had a choice even when you didn’t - and if he is, there needs to be a chance to throw it back in his face and point out that you’re only a healer because the alternative is a short drop and a sudden stop. Otherwise, he should be willing to let you go back.