A Study In Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight

That’s a great reason for writing that way for certain.

I admit it’s been ages since I read 1800s literature (unedited) , and as such, I think it’s a great thing that the writers have let that era colour their writing. I’m certainly in error here , and have no trouble admitting to it.

Will do more than a quick skim of the book either way, and thing twice / doublecheck myself if i do find things.
Looking forward to reading all of it :smile:


Hi Anya!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far!

Would you mind giving me a little more detail about the saving problem? You shouldn’t be able to save after Finch kills you, because you can’t go on to Part Four when you’re dead. But it should say The End. Does it?

You absolutely should be able to save and go on to the next part in any other situation, though. It sounded like there was a second situation in which you couldn’t. Could you give me more detail about what you were doing and what the screen looked like? Actually, if it happens again, the most useful thing you could possibly do is submit a bug report right at that moment - it’ll give me some additional data that might be useful in fixing it.

For the moment, could you give me a little more data here, under spoiler tags?


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Hi Elementoflilium,

It sounds like you’re enjoying the game, which is great to hear! It also sounds like you are having a save problem, which is very not okay. I’m really sorry about that. Can you give me a little more info about it?

Actually, if it happens to you again - which I really hope it does not :smile: - could you send us a bug report right then, with a screenshot?

Between now and then, could you talk me through exactly what you were doing (under spoiler tags), what the screen looked like, and what you did that caused the problem to disappear?

Thanks very much!

P.S. And yeah, I was thinking of Tennyson when I wrote that line. It’s always cool when someone catches your thought process. :grinning:


Hi Ramidel,

You are…completely right. Nice catch.

Taggart is indeed absolutely not the kind of person who would bullshit or mock you, and you’re right that that line sounds mocking in that context. He should skip straight to “not an easy time for you” when you get to that scene that way.

And I have just made a note that he will do so in any later editions that may be published. Thanks! :smiley:



[spoiler]Oops, I might phrased that wrong. I meant after I killed Finch, not after Finch killed me. The ending where Finch kills me works out just fine, it says The End, no bug with that one!

But sometimes there’s this bugs occurred where there’s no save slot (sorry, not sure what to call it, the slot where you enter your save names and email and stuff?). When it happened, it just says ‘Here end Part 3 of Choice by Gastlight…’ but no options to continue nor save. First I got this bug twice, when I killed Finch and another time when I reunited with him (Joined Woodward path). But after that I found it in other situations as well, mostly at Part Three. It’s pretty random. Sometimes it pop up but sometimes it doesn’t. @elementoflilium 's solution worked out fine though. After I reboot my android and play the game again the slot usually pop up. Next time it happened i’ll be sure to submit a bug report!

Also, kinda out of topic but I adore Finch to pieces. (And want to punch him a lot at the same time, but that’s a good thing! If you can make me REALLY upset about his ‘death’, that mean you’ve done a good job. I should’ve seen that coming… of course he survived that… agh!) He’s most likely the best Hosted Game’s Romance I’ve played so far. Kudos to you! [/spoiler]

So again, there is no way to continue as a light-eater?

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Great game, had a lot of fun being a dirty rebel. =P

Is it possible to romance the Madame? That’d be an interesting twist to the rebellion plot.

I think the “best” ending would be to join the rebels, then stop Calhourn’s betrayal by stopping the rising. Get government to help and pass labour reform bill.

I very much enjoyed this game. Had a wonderful time reading it and I rate it in the higher-tier CoGs I’ve read and I’ve read nearly all of the published ones (my wallet is empty now ha!). And I like how it wasn’t a mad power fantasy, but I also felt my decisions mattered and how I still made a difference in the ways that I could. Just a quick question if anyone can answer. Is it possible to Save Grace without using my healing powers. Is there a certain Medical knowledge level I need? And any way to stay with Grace?


Glad to be of service. And with that said, thanks for making an excellent and enjoyable game that has had me lost in it for hours. 10/10, which is not something I say lightly!

@EmperorHeartless: Nope. If you marry Grace, you lose her, one way or another. Can’t have a romance that would keep you from getting involved in the final arc.

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Really? That’s interesting! I was just pulling out the first example of the phrase I could remember from my Brit Lit classes.

And yes, I’ve been enjoying this game a lot. It helps that I’m joyfully nerdy about a lot of the things in it (espionage, Victorian crime-fighting, all the delicious Sherlock Holmes references, etc.), but it’s also got a good balance of story and gameplay, and I love all the romance options. (Even if it’s really hard not to run back to Finch every time.)

As to the problem: I just sent in a bug report, because it just happened again. Sometimes when I finish part 3, there’s just a blank, white, impossible-to-interact with area instead of the text box where you can save your game and the Next button. It’s happened more than once, and I’ve been playing a different story each time, so I don’t think it’s tied to any particular story conditions. I think it only happens when I start playing from one of the end-of-chapter saves; I know that reloading a lot seems to make it happen more easily. Closing the game and starting it again seems to clear everything up, at least until the next time it happens.

I just finished the game and I really loved it! It’s definitely up there with my favorite CoGs. I especially liked how you could essentially play as John Snow during the cholera outbreak. :yum:

Also, I can’t be the only one who was totally expecting to see Pierce at some point. Is there any path that allows you to meet him again?

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No idea where to actually report a glitch, but for me (on the android version) I romanced Finch. Once I accepted him back, after the “I missed you terribly” scene, it glitches out and won’t let me continue to part 3. The point where I should be able to save is completely blank, with just a white screen and the words “His entire body shudders once…” etc

Hi Katarina,

Yeah, I’m sorry about that - you’re the third or fourth person to report it. Elementoflilium has a workaround - scroll back up this thread and you’ll see it. I’m going to dig in today and figure out what on earth that’s all about, because I never saw it during playtesting…

Again, sorry about that!

Hi Anya,

Thanks for the additional info. Just to clarify:

  1. You’re playing on Android, right?

  2. It has happened more than once at Part Three, right?

  3. Has Part Three ever worked correctly?

  4. Have you seen this problem anywhere else except Part Three?

Thanks much!

P.S. “Adoring him and wanting to punch him at the same time” is about what I was going for. I could never understand why Watson didn’t punch Holmes in Conan Doyle’s Empty House… :grinning:

  1. Yep!

  2. Yep!

  3. Sometimes, yes. The problem seems to be random.

  4. Now that I came to think of it, it does happened once or twice on other parts. Part Two I think? But I haven’t encountered those yet since then. I’ll submit a bug report if I do!

Wow, this is the best CoG I’ve played in years. Probably the best one since the Choice of Romance trilogy honestly :wink: I had reached a point where I actually stopped buying these because I was just getting disappointed by them every time, but this game has pretty much restored my faith!

Finch is absolutely a charmer and honestly I’ve grown to love him even more than the character he’s based on. Enough so that it’s a problem because I want to do the other romances but I just can’t resist falling in love with him every time lol! That happy ending with him is just hard to pass up. Some of the alternate endings (bad endings?) are pretty great too though. Being killed by a guilty Finch after going light-eater and having him promise I’d be remembered as a good man was particularly poignant after going through the romance and the whole scene really tugged at my heartstrings.

But my favorite alternate ending has to be the really chilling one where Woodward turns you into his own Winter Soldier! He seemed like a morally grey character, sure, but I never guessed he had that level of ice cold ruthlessness in him! (Though maybe I should have considering everything he asked Finch to do, lol.) I understand why this one ended a bit abruptly since there’s not a lot to do with the MC at that point, but I actually would’ve liked at least a little more where we see Finch’s return/reaction. If I were greedy I’d say I would really love a whole arc where Finch rescues you… :wink:

Also, some of these achievements are genuinely hard! I’m at 40/57 on the Steam version, but finally at the point where I’m starting to get stumped. Has anyone had any luck figuring out Primum Non Nocere? I’ve tried getting my Medicine as high as possible but so far haven’t managed to get it to 90% by then…


[spoiler] I got Primum Non Nocere! My Medicine was only around 80% too so you should be fine. What I did was spending the whole day making the map (aND LET A BABY DIED /cries) and then I asked Alexandra to help acquiring the data, and take the information to her (but Woodward works too). This way, my dead count was 197 and I got the achievement.

Oh god, I totally agree with you about the endings. Even when Finch kills MC he did it for the MC, and that say a lot about him. It broke my heart. I’d love to see Finch’s reaction too when he return and see the MC brainwashed. Woodward is going to be so dead. God, now that I come to think about it, Woodward is such a villain in this route. First, Woodward faked Finch’s death, made Finch kept it a secret from MC, then MC lost everything because Finch’s gone, drifting through life for 3 years, finally lost control, and then when he tried to make thing right tHE SAME GUY WHO WAS PRETTY MUCH BEHIND EVERYTHING BRAINWASHED HIM. /shudders

If Finch wasn’t tempted to turn criminal before, he sure will be after he discover all this…[/spoiler]


If only you could recruit Finch to the resistance. I liked Alexandra myself, but Finch is Finch. Together we’d be unbeatable. Or at the very least no one is as perceptive as Finch as to be able to track us to our headquarters.


It is on sale on Steam at the moment.