A Regency Tale WIP (Male Version)

I have decided to stop my work on my previous demo game “A Regency Tale” due to an incredibly long and severe case of writers block. It was not lack of ideas, it was lack of ideas for a woman in the regency era. Without thinking I found myself writing scenarios suitable only for men. (If someone could let me know how to close a thread it would be much appreciated!)

Hence the decision to change the game drastically to a male point of view.

In A Regency Tale you are…

A young aristocrat back from university following his fathers death to attend the funeral.
You discover that you have been left everything, including guardianship of your mother and younger siblings (one female, one male).

Unfortunately this also includes a massive pile of debt that cannot be paid! Furthermore the family manor is in ruins, and selling it would not provide any sum substantial enough to clear the money you owe. Any negotiations about debt repayments are impossible. Someone has purchased all of your fathers debts, and you now owe them the whole sum. To make matters worse you don’t know who “they” are, only that they have something to do with your fathers mysterious death…

Something must be done!

You, with a nagging mother and annoying siblings in tow decide to travel to London, in hopes of solving the families financial issue.

Throughout there will be many different ways to reduce your debt, and many different events, and romances to experience.

Will you gamble your way to a fortune?
Seduce a rich heiress into elopement?
Make money with wise investments?
Bring your estate back from the brink?
Solve the mystery of your father?

So far I have various parts of the game done, about 7000 words. Since these are not written in order of game-play I will only post a stat chart right now to give a flavor of what the game will be like. Any comments will be appreciated.



hello…? the demo only says “hello me!”

yes, the game has various chunks written, but no intro yet. The stat screen is up and a working demo should be finished in a bit

I wanted an opinion on the stats before I set a solid outline for the game

I think it will be hard to judge the stats, until a demo comes out. You know, just to give context to how the stats will be used.

Sensibility and roguish are both misspelt.

I’m also curious as to whether most Georgian gentlemen would have studied science - your MC might be something of an anomaly if he did.

I like the inclusion of Gambling, Drinking and Duelling as stats.

Piety might also be important, as might one’s influence, and the strength of one’s connections.

Looking forward to seeing more of this game as it develops.

Well ill look out for more.

When I saw, “Hello me” I started laughing so hard I didn’t see the stats button.

Liked the stats…hope you utilize it well :3

@Protagonist Where do you get Georgian from? Also, it’s not an anomaly regardless of the time period. Georgia has produced many great scientists. We invented Coca-Cola :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I like the stats, but as said before without context really cannot give a better opinion.

@Jlafavor21 I’ve been to the Coca-Cola factory in Atlanta!

My post wasn’t a dig at people from the state of Georgia. The Georgian era was a period in British history, which included the Regency.

This is a very good idea - I am looking forward to playing the game as a guy. ^^ Can’t wait to make my debauched, gambling, dueling, heiress-seducing lordling. :wink:

@Protagonist <.< Learn something new everyday. As a history major I’m ashamed. Though in my defense my focus has been Military history! lol Thanks for the new knowledge!

I was sort of hoping you’d finish the original

@Jlafavor21 You do know what the Coca in Coca-Cola stands for don’t you?

@Shoelip, that was just bit of the plant, nothing processed.

Alright, a very basic demo has been roughly finished.

It will only give a taster of what the game will be like at the moment, but it is better than nothing :slight_smile:


It sounds really cool!! Keep it up!! I can’t wait for the romance part!!

Looks great! Can’t wait to see more.

Gotta say that I’m barely a few minutes into this one and already craving more. Gotta love the relationship already between my character and his mother. Haha.

First @ishantrissi you’ve finally returned ^^. I simply LOVE your stats page ^^ So…graceful. We’ve much to discuss, soon.