A Regency Tale WIP


As I have been suffering from writers block when it comes to my game “High School Life” I decided to do this as a side project

Basically the game is a life simulation set in Regency England

The game is currently gender locked - you can only be a girl

The plot is as follows

The main character wakes up with amnesia, they then discover that their quarreling family is heavily in debt, and breaking apart.

There will be many paths… become a famous author and earn a fortune, risk the families remaining money in risky investments, marry for money… the choice is yours

There will also be many, many romance options (all male), with different personalities and different statuses

Here is the link to a very very basic demo



I need My name and last name yours are inaccurate to the time period and horrible.I hope i could choose my range Nobility or new riches due fabrics and colonial trade. I love see more musical , and dance included and of course ribbons petticoats with pearls but for know is ok but i hope all text would be historicaly accurate on a noblewoman in the period.


I like the concept


@Ishantrissi I took a look at your startup file. When you *create something no need to *set it to the same default value as you already have done so with *create.


Mistaken link posted…

here is the correct one



I like it so far. Ah, amnesia. That’s slowly dragging me in. =D>


Promising start. Keep at it.


Really nice so far. One problem, it wouldn’t let me be Juliet


I love the concept but why can’t we choose our name gender and sex?



you will be able to choose your name, just have not coded that option in yet

gender is locked because I would have to write 2 separate games otherwise :frowning:

sexual preference will also be coded in later


I will fix that asap




Glad you like the idea… there will be a few mysteries to solve (optional!)

Update probably coming tomorrow


Alright I can play as a girl. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Beezlebub And we can all plait each others hair, and frolic merrily around the fields, in lovely cream bonnets!


True. True. :3


But how will humanity continue to exist if we all become the same gender?! It’s time to shift medical fields and begin to research cloning!


@Doctor There’s a whole literary genre on Feminist Utopianism dedicated to such rank misandry.


Really? Ha ha. Sometimes things in life, things just don’t make sense… But occasionally they do. This is one of those times. The first one


I never said that I was denying the need nor the existence of men.

I simply stated, in perhaps somewhat unclear terms, that the differences between men and women in regency England were so distinct that I could not write the same story for a man and a woman… necessitating the choice of one gender.

@Drazen - I am shocked that you suggested frolicking… In cream bonnets too! Blue is all the rage this season!

@Doctor, @Beezlebub, I do hope that the gender lock is not off putting, I was wary of straying into territory occupied by Choice of Broadsides, and thus chose the feminine route


I was just joking around… It’s a story, and it’s not my story, but even better it the original. Any thing I would change about it would make it imperfect, if its your book, your idea, and your will that goes into it… Run with it


It is definitely not off putting for me but I fear Drazen shall give you a tongue lashing. :stuck_out_tongue:


First base so soon, @Beezlebub? Let’s not be hasty.