New Heart's Choice Game! "A Pirate's Pleasure" by Lisa Fox

This is the dedicated thread for discussing A Pirate’s Pleasure by Lisa Fox.


Congratulations Lisa – the setting, both time and place is among my favorite romantic settings. I’m really enjoying playing the part of Captain Kidd but from a female perspective.



I’m only at chapter 3 but I’m loving it so far - fast-paced action, accessible Age of Sail lingo, and really fun supporting characters!


I love it but it’s this one how do i see my achievements? There’s no button i can’t see it otherwise i love this one , caleb my love :kissing:

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Upon checking the omnibus for each release, it does not contain any achievement button. I’m not sure if this is deliberate or not.

Congratulations on the release! Out of all the initial releases, this one is the one I am most excited about because the demo reeled me in with the characters


We are working on fixing the Achievement button. We appreciate your patience.


Still a wonderful read I’m in love with the story and the ro 's caleb is still my favorite :heart_eyes:
I still need to do Nate 's , but i can’t stay away from caleb, deep down he’s a softie.
Great job though


What a wonderful game. At certain point I thought I knew how the story was going to go, but oh no no no no! There was more to it and that was quite a enjoyable surprise. And the story kept on going and going and going, but in the best of ways and in a completely positive way (Who would want a story that ends too suddenly? This is definitely not it).

I’m delighted by this game and I have only finished my first run.

Congratulations and my thanks to Lisa Fox! She has accomplished such a feel good game.

Also thanks to everyone in the team that made this game possible. I appreciate your work.

I no longer know if I make sense, but basically this HC makes me happy.


@FayI has been excitedly reading out/showing me excerpts from this and it looks so cool!


I just finished my first playthrough and I just love this :heart_eyes:- I’m going for Caleb next. Congratulations to the author and others involved this is amazing. Also whoever made the choice to make the hearts choice app :heart_eyes:


I know I really should be working, but actually boss-man I am a pirate and I can do what I want.


Heh, love this, and the fact that we can have such different attitudes. Doesn’t hurt I’m a sucker for well made romances either and I think this fits the category ‘classic adventure film romance’ – it is a hot burn, not a slow roasting flame, after all, but it works very well. :heart_eyes:

Looking forward to seeing more from Lisa Fox. :relaxed:


I have finished one playthrough and it was absolutely lovely. I am really impressed with how all the loose ends were accounted for!

Normally I just play one sort of MC in games (a nicer, more accomplished version of me) but I’m really keen to go back and be a hellraiser in future playthroughs of this.

Excellent work; very much worth paying for removing ads.


One question… Is this a “one shot” or will there be sequels?

There are no sequels currently planned for any Heart’s Choice games.

Ok, cool. I like story with sequels but there are a lot of them and some never have a proper end.
It’s reassuring.

I’m loving the game so far, I’m going for a sorta spunky, rebellious character, and I gotta say, the consequences of me constantly picking the most brazen options are very entertaining to read. Just a small nitpick, I fell like these should be capitalized.


Congratulations! I will check this out once I have the luxury of time…:blush:

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Oh? I was under the impression that there will be a sequel for “All World Pro Wrestling”.

This book was a pleasant surprise. I really liked the romance, it was so sweet!!! When Nathaniel Black told my MC the beauty of the necklace paled against hers I was fangirling so hard, he is such a smooth talker. I also liked the Governor’s route, the way he gets so easily embarrassed is extremely funny. Congrats :heart: