Machinations: Fog of War Released

My first full-length Choicescript game has just been published. I have to thank the testers from the playtest on this forum, who found issues and provided feedback that made it a much better game.

I’ve generally been more of a lurker on these forums, but I’d like to hear from people who’ve played the game. I’m creating this thread to be an area for discussion and feedback.

Direct links to play:

Choice of Games website





Please let me know what you think!


Congrats on getting your story published, that is a great accomplishment.

I’ve played the initial chapters and will be purchasing it next week.

I enjoyed the noble disguise and the flashback mechanism is working well - lots of potential in the storyline. Do the different colored cores (gold, silver, etc) influence stats or other characteristics?


Great, I’m glad you like it.

Those aesthetic choices don’t affect much more than descriptions. But many of the other early choices have far-reaching effects.

Purchased it just today on Steam.

I just tried the demo and it left a good impression. Right off the bat you get a life or death choice about an NPC which actually seems to matter and have lasting consequences, which is pretty cool.

I’m curious though, do most of the characters have a random sex?

Wow. Okay. So, I bought this game because I saw this thread and was surprised a game was published. Damn.

Ok so first, I love the character building. How much we can customise our past, that was really really neat. From the relationship with our creator even up to the detail of who they were, if they were a team and such. It brought a lot to the game.

The characters were well written if you ask me. They were deep enough ti be interesting and I plan on doing multiple playtrough to see how much I can affect stuff.

Only bug I had was that sometimes characters dont have the good pronoun. For example once the ruler was the merchant-king but was refered to as a female a few times but its a pretty regular bug in games where characters gender are random so it doesnt really bother me that much.

I’m gonna try a 5 things I liked and disliked

Things I liked

1: Characters were well written. 2: I didnt finish the game yet but it seem to offer at least three different path and possibly more wich is very nice. 3: Random encounters! That one surprised me but I found really nice. It add some replayability. 4: Background customisation make me repeat the intro sequence over and over because its just fun for some reasons. 5: Chosing certain stats does bring to the story instead of just slightly changing certain scenes.

Things I disliked. This one is hard to do and I really gotta dig so I guess it can maybe be seen as things that would have been nice more than things I disliked.

1: More mentions of your skeleton and aesthetic choices would have been nice. 2: Chosing 2 main stats at the begining instead of being a specialist or a jack of all trade who is slightly better in one thing would have been nice unless it was for a reason. 3: More mention of your disguise. I noticed not a lot of peoples were bothered weither I was a noble or a commoner during the plaza scene. Didnt try being trullo yet. 4: gonna leave it at that because I’m not sure what to add. Might come back once I finish.

I hope to see more games from you. I’m having a great time with this one right now.


Didn’t see your game on the Chrome webstore. Is it not released there yet or are you not intending to release it on Chrome?

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Yes, the characters are mostly randomized.

I get what you’re saying about the pronouns, but I still want to quash all the bugs I can. I handled a lot of pronoun problems during testing, but it looks like a few may have slipped through. Do you remember exactly what scene/what you had done when the wrong pronouns appeared?

I don’t have information about that, Choice of Games handles the release details.

Thank you for the feedback, everyone!

That I cant say sorry. If it happen again do I send you a private message or would you rather I post here?

I liked the game but I would of loved more specialized dialogue based on form chosen.

I’ve enjoyed this game quite a bit.

The one bug I ran across (and sorry if you’ve already remedied this) :
I had picked being built by the merchant-queen but In one of the memory sequences, my maker is visited by the merchant-queen. The dialogue was unintentionally hilarious, but I must presume this is incorrect.

Can you email screenshots and an explanation?

PM works. Either way is fine, really, or you can email the CoG support address.

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Ok good. I planned on starting a playtrough of midsummer night choice but once I’m done with that I will try another playtrough and I will send you screenshots of the passages I can find.

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What platform are you playing on?

I found two errors:

[spoiler] one it acts like sivas is still a factor if you capture or kill him.

You have a new destination. You may not know where Sivas has gone, but this inventor must hold the key. Sivas may even be there, after all.

But first, you have a visit to make.``

two it says mk title at this part
You activate your communication necklace as you set off, looping one length of the golden chain over the other. After a moment, Giarre’s harried face appears in the space within.

“What is it?” There is an eagerness, darkened with a hint of desperation, in her voice.

“The attackers have been dealt with,” you say. You neglect to mention their actual fate. “But I have another thing I want to ask of you. Are you familiar with the Cathedral in the old city?” You describe the old caretaker and his wishes. “Can it be rebuilt?”

The {mk_title} is silent a long time. “I will…consider this. But it will not be anytime soon. We have greater threats to deal with than a crumbling old church.”

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At the time I was playing the demo on my HTC, so that’d be their version of based on Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

This game was. Souch fun!!!

I’m a big fan of play as a non human and lets be honest play as an Android, that was awesome! The only thing I missed was a born scene I mean when your creator actually made you and you start asking about you, about the sky about all that things.

But seriously, awesome book!!

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Nice finds, thank you!

Hi, I’d just like to add my thoughts if you don’t mind. Mild spoilers ahoy.

Firstly I’ll say that the premise of the story is very good - it is solid and holds the whole thing together through and through. In some cases the founding idea of some stories is little more than a gimmick or is only used briefly, but here it is extremely solid and serves as a great foundation. I admit that the idea appealed to me greatly before I even tried it on the website, and am pleased with the way it has been envisioned in the adventure.

The world itself is fairly good and solid. Fortunately it does feel like the story was based in a world, as opposed to a world being constructed around the story. I wouldn’t mind a little more flavour to some of it, and I wasn’t entirely sure of the role of magic in this setting. That is still not entirely clear to me and wasn’t explored greatly, or at least not on the path I followed. Still, I am aware that this wasn’t the main focus of this story.

The length was satisfying, although the later chapters did feel notably shorter to me. This may be because there is a lot more branching going on later and I haven’t explored all the possibilities yet. My initial ending definitely felt somewhat abrupt, which might be one of my few disappointments although it did not significantly impact my overall feeling about the adventure. More ending text! What happened to the other characters I met afterward? You can make me happy by claiming this was only because you are going to carry it on in a sequel :wink:

Right - chapter two. Cool idea, mostly works, lots of things to do. However, it was a somewhat baffling experience first time through going in blind. Frankly, I ended up clicking a lot of things being very unsure of what the consequences were. I suppose in some cases this was intentional, like what happens when you inform the humanist candidate about Gi, the dockworker. However, you can infiltrate the guild hall from an alternative entrance and then not be able to prod around the offices, yet when you talk with the auteur you (seemingly by coincidence) are left alone and then you can investigate specific places. This may have just been me, but I felt a little bit like I was fumbling around trying to get any result in this section. Of course, it makes a whole lot more sense in hindsight.

The mechanics in the game seem OK - I know they have confused a few people, but I was mostly fine with it. There are a couple things I haven’t managed to change the outcome of yet, but it may be just the way the game rolls. For example, the lockbox in the humanist candidate’s office in chapter 2. This might just be because you’re not supposed to be able to do everything, but in this case I had specialised in mechanics and still couldn’t do it which I felt odd. In another case I had specialised in disguise which didn’t seem to give me many avenues of opportunity in the cathedral scene - I am still not sure how to go through that in a satisfactory manner (this might require more experimentation). The requirements for the character attributes in the game might be a little strict? Or maybe I just suck.

There wasn’t enough opportunities to repair for me. Yes, I’m clumsy, ok? That said, I don’t know how much this actually affects the game.

Also I think I would’ve liked more from the Creator. I know this was extremely configurable, but this was one other character which I just expected to have a bit more impact. My criticisms here only come because I really liked the character and the interactions and wanted more.

Overall I would give this a recommended rating. Other games I liked a lot on here for the record were Champion of the Gods and Choice by Gaslight.

I had one game crash at the end. This was reported.

If the above was not clear enough, please write more :slight_smile: