Rogue Gone (Ready to Play)

Over the past few days I’ve put together a short adventure game.

The story puts you in command of a band of rogues searching the city for clues into the disappearance of a member of their group.

-Full story, playable from start to finish (unless some sneaky bug has popped up)
-For the player that hunts down all the paths, rewarding background information about the world and its characters.
-A Tavern gambling game that’s not what it first seems (A clue! A clue!)
-Choose your own alignment, a variety of speech angles catering for the Good and the Bad (Much more to be implemented)

It’s far from polished, as you’ll see from the .plan, there’s much left to spruce up, however it should be functional from start to finish, hopefully enough to be enjoyed.

It would be great to hear some feedback, as well as any *ugh* bugs, either on here or via the link in the game.


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Haha ill try it out… leave u with sum feed back in a minute… :wink:

Ooo, rogues. I do love me some rogues.

Loving your worldbuilding and the different attitudes of the characters. The story’s got a good hook, but I do think the text could use a little more meat, if you will. I also wasn’t sure who I was until I checked the stats page, and I would have liked to see more choices (but it seems you’re already working on that, so good! I love choices).
I am definitely intrigued, and will be exploring more thoroughly when I get some decent sleep. Sometimes I feel like bands of thieves are so unexplored in fiction.

Very nice. It seemed a little *too* linear for my tastes (i.e. a lot of clicking next in the beginning), however, I’ve only played through once so it might be there are some choices that I missed. Also, I can certainly see how it’s useful as an exercise to test out your skills - it’s certainly an entertaining diversion regardless.

I like the concept, it’s not often you get to explore the intricacies of being in a thieves guild after all. My only real issue would be that in the final scene (battle with bald man) I wasn’t even sure who I was as it was all written in third person (or so it seemed).

I didn’t encounter any bugs - only the odd typo/spelling mistake (tailer instead of tailor in the street where you discover the scrap of cloth, a you’re instead of a your I think elsewhere).

I encountered a bug when going to the old man at the bar if you lose all your money and you come back the game freaks out you should fix this problem.

Also work on the diversity of the story and make it more noticed playable character. I hated the cliff hanger at the end.

I didn’t understand this much at all. There is a lack of individual character development, really, I just know the group’s views. Try to improve on it by adding more individual/pairing moments and soliloquies, so each character can develop. There is a lot of explanations, little showing, for me, and the fight is pointless. Finally, I don’t see the point of the good/evil.

On the plus side, the storyline is good, setting is very well developed, and the character at the beginning had a great development.

Also, if you want to be a complete intimidating/douchebag, you can’t. It won’t advance the story, so you’ll be forced to be nice? Example is the fruit vendors. Try being all mean to them.

Good game for how long it is. Am a little confused with the layout though

So… any update on this?

Yes, very nice, the only think I don’t really like is the dialogue.

I’d prefer it if all the dialogue was in one paragraph, because it’s hard to understand the conversation otherwise. For example once you read a statement made by one of the characters then you loose it for good once you click next. (because you can’t go back)

For people reading your story for the first time- they may forget what the person just said, and loose that part of the convo. but if it’s in a paragraph you can read each characters line and reread it if necessary to get the full picture of the conversation.

Just my 2cents

Also when I played the game I bet 50, then got up to 200 then got one answer wrong and lost ALL my coins… what gives, I wanted bail after making like 200 then spend it all on good ale. I figured that it might be part of the game tho. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Good game! Bored hitting next button! You should really cut the next button!

The world is deep and rich, but I was not engaged by it. For one it felt more like a book then a choice game. Even this was not truly enjoyable as I clicked ‘next’ way too many times. The story has some very good strengths to it, such as the backdrop and the plot of the story. Unfortunately I felt detached from the story. As a reader and choice player I want to be drawn in and interact with the environment. Overall the story was good with the potential of being great, it did feel overpoweringly linear. This is my two cents, and I hope to see updates on this story.

Ye the world is great. but the next clicking got really boring.

the game might be dead

Its been a dead thread for over a year its definitely dead

Hey, the link didn’t work wirh me :confused: and I want to try this game

Itzzz deaaaad 8-X

Oh… oops… my mistake :stuck_out_tongue: