Factions: The Raids of the Divided


Hello everyone,

I have decided I would like to make a game. The genre is going to be fantasy, adventure. I would like to implement an ally system where they will be able to help you on your quest. Because this is still in the idea stage and I do not know how to code the release date will probably be late summer. I have specific beta tester who I would like to assist me if they are interested but that will be later on.


@Theboywhocould I look forward to seeing what you produce. Any ideas yet on the plot, or are you just getting started on that?


Hopefully, I shall have the plot and possible endings written down by the end of 2013. Then I can slowly learn how to code/write it in choice format as spring semester goes on.


You should make it, or a part of it a dungeon crawler or Roguelike game… That would separate it from the other fantasy CoGs and WIPs.
Just an idea


Yep of you have an idea go for it


Do you guys want this game to be more realistic or less realistic, like having dragons vs not having dragons?


Sorry, I meant to say all your opinions are welcome, and they have a chance of being really helpful :slight_smile:


@Theboywhocould I’ve found that there’s a sweet spot somewhere between realism and pure fantasy that works best for most games.


Thanks, mate.


Just changed the title of your thread slightly. If you want it changed to anything else let me know.


I like dragons, but magic I don’t like, I don’t even play those games.




What kind of poor soul doesn’t like magic in these genres?! Not even Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?!


i prefer for you to start small, but i didn’t really follow that rule either so can’t really say that


I like imagination, but magic is a little to much fantasy. U don’t have to like me. But I do think someone making a game wants everyone to play your game.


@emv1996 I get what you’re saying, but if you have dragons then by default it’s fantasy., and dragons traditionally are magical in nature to begin with.


@fanton used what your saying, and choice of dragon did have magic but they did not have to have that. They could of had a trained army come and attack him, and it would have been just as good. We’ll that my opinion.


Another suggestion- make sure you have full choice over character creation (Race, Role, Gender) you don’t want a person who’s most comfortable with being, say, a rogue to be forced into being a warrior; or @emv1996 to be forced into being a mage or wizard. What I’m saying is different people have different preferences.


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