Saga of the North Wind — Lead a tribe on a deadly pilgrimage to the North!

We’re proud to announce that Saga of the North Wind, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, iOS, and Android. It’s 20% off until November 29th!

The gods have chosen you to lead your tribe on a deadly pilgrimage to the Valley of the North Wind! When future generations recite your saga, will they sing of your glory or your downfall?

“Saga of the North Wind” is a 300,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Tom Knights, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Your people roam the Great Steppe, chased and challenged by the fearsome Tribe of the Black Wolf. Their leader, the shaman Zhan-Ukhel, calls forth savage magic from Chernobog, the god who rules their tribe. Your tribe must have a leader who can call down protection from the gods. That leader is you, and this is your saga.

Rule your tribe as an iron-fisted chieftain or as a benevolent guardian. Will your allies support you on the field of battle? Will the gods come when you need them most? Do you even need the gods to smite your enemies, or will you seize divine power for yourself?

An eerie glow dances across the stars tonight, stars that bear your name. Listen, now, to the Saga of the North Wind!

  • Play as male or female, gay, or straight
  • Become a shaman of the spirit world
  • Fight the ancient, powerful force, Chernobog who rules your enemies
  • Battle in the arena or make a daring escape from captivity
  • Call upon the spirits for aid in your struggle against the Black Wolves' sorceror

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Is there a page up for discussing the game and asking questions? Cuz I have soooo many questions I’m stuck at one point but I recommend the game already!


Open a topic for it.

Refreshed, no change. Restarted and made the same choices as before, ended up at this screen again.

It happens after you return from being captured and finish talking with your aunt + shaman, and when it gives you the option to talk to someone, play a game with the tribespeople or pay your respects to the dead.

I just completed those choices myself, which platform are you playing on?

Desktop computer, and I’m playing on the COG site itself.

I found the same error, playing on the COG site on my iphone.

@Meli have you purchased the game? Or are you still playing the demo?

(If you haven’t purchased the game yet, then I think I might have an idea about the source of the bug.)

@jasonstevanhill No, I’m still playing the demo. I always do a go-through of a game to make sure I like what I see before spending money on it. And of course w/ the demo having a tech bug it was a red flag already.

What was your idea?

So I enjoyed much of the game, but a pet peeve that comes up often in COG games has shown up again in this game.

During the final chapter, [spoiler] The player is given three options on how to push back the enemy army. If the player chooses to seek assistance from their ancestors, they have to defeat the reigning king in a duel of strength and speechcraft. Failure is death. My issue isn’t the existence of a failure state, but that there is no going back. Once you fail there is a final chance to escape, or else you die and go immediately to the epilogue. In order for me to get a better conclusion to the story, I have to go through the game again and pick the same choices just to get back to the same scene and hope I do better. That isn’t really fun, and it is a problem that shows up in multiple Choice games. I understand it happening in a game where you have no health to focus on, as ‘certain death’ is something that you wouldn’t have faced before, but this is a game with constant combat and a health status that is tracked.

It’s a major let down if I die and am forced into an epilogue as the end to my story, with no chance to even go back to the beginning of the chapter. It makes me feel less inclined to play again, as the badend still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. [/spoiler]

Other than that, another problem is that some massive plot revealing elements are not hidden in the achievements, so I found out what would happen well before getting that far just because I was curious about an achievement I received.

Fun game, it is just brought down in my opinion by the previously mentioned pet peeve.


I found a bug.

[spoiler]When calling upon the gods to destroy the portal of the Eight, the code calls on Svarog 3 times, instead of each god.

*if ((best_god = “Svarog”) and (aff_sva >= ck_aff_pos_7B))
*goto call_on_gods_success
*elseif ((best_god = “Svarog”) and (aff_sva >= ck_aff_pos_7B))
*goto call_on_gods_success
*elseif ((best_god = “Svarog”) and (aff_sva >= ck_aff_pos_7B))
*goto call_on_gods_success
*goto call_on_gods_failure[/spoiler]

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Is this not being released on Chrome store, or are Google just really late with the release?

Really enjoyed this one. IMO this year’s lineup has been a bit weak, happy at least we are closing on a good note.